2nd Rangers Skins

These are skins of the 2nd Rangers for Call OF Duty Single Player Demo


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These are skins of the 2nd Rangers for Call OF Duty Single Player Demo

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Download '2ndrangerskins.zip' (885KB)


(x) - Download and unzip the "user-2ndRangerSkins.pk3** file into your /Call of Duty/main/ directory folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Call of Duty Single Player Demo\main\)


(x) - To uninstall simply find the "user-2ndRangerSkins.pk3" file inside of your /Call of Duty/main/ directory and either delete the file or rename the extension to something other than .pk3 (e.g. 2ndRangerSkins.dis)

*<2>* 2nd Ranger Skins *<2>*

I created these skins primarily for the clan that I am in, the 2nd Ranger Battalion, but have felt that others might enjoy being a part of an infantry division rather than being a paratrooper. I have tried to recreate the uniforms to match a photo of a 2nd Ranger Bn. reenactor, and feel that I have gotten as close as I could to resembling the photo. I hope you guys/gals enjoy this skin mod, RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!!.

[2nd]Ryckee (ryckee@hotmail.com)
Thanks to the guys over at the [2nd] for giving me your insight on the skins!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via e-mail, or you can drop by our forums at http://www.geocities.com/the1_75thrangers/index2.html .

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