{501st}Lt. Sp!ers' Realism Mod



Here's the second version of the warmly received {501st}Lt. Sp!ers' Realism Mod for Call of Duty multi-player use. I'm too overworked and tight on time to go into detail explaining it, though, so I'm directing you to the ReadMe below to see for yourself what's been added, changed, and fixed! :P




{501st}Lt. Sp!ers Realism Mod Version 2 - Serverside and Clientside

Here is my 2nd Version of Lt. Sp!ers Realism Mod.
I have changed alot from version 1 altho you still may prefer version 1.

Here is a list of the contents included in the mod:

AWE Mod 1.4.4 beta 4 (includes config file)
PRM 4.0 (edited)
Altered Weapons - weapons.pk3
Edited Merciless Blood - 501st_spiers_blood_mc.pk3
Altered Sniper Rifles - 501st_spiers_sniper_1shot1kill.pk3

Here is a list of Changes i have made since version 1:

weapons.pk3: - ALL weapons ate extremely inaccurate while running, this
               forces players to stop and shoot using Iron Sights.
             - Iron Sights are DEADLY you will be extremely accurate
               Using Iron Sights.
             - ALL weapons are extremely innaccurate while at the hip.
               this also forces players to use Iron Sights.
             - Fire rates tweaked since Version 1
             - Rechambering times have been tweaked
             - Damage of weapons changed. Rifles are 1 Shot kills.
             - Reload times tweaked.
             - All weapon Zoom in range changed. (zoom not so long)
             - Crosshair Disabled - can be re-enabled with the AWE .cfg
             - Running speeds decreased on mg's smg's and rifles.

501st_spiers_sniper_1shot1kill.pk3: - Scope changed - now is larger and
                                      longer zoom.
                                    - aim down the sights time is slower
                                      as well as rechambering
                                    - Rechamber Mosin scoped changed.
                                    - Running speeds decreased.
                                    - accuracy EXTREMELY innaccurate when 
                                      not using scope.
501st_spiers_blood_mc.pk3: - i edited this from the Mercilless mod, full
credit goes to the MC team for this.
Blood can be seen upon the floor and walls.
An extremely nice blood mod. Nothing changed since version 1

AWE 1.4.4 Beta4 - All credit for this mod goes to the AWE Team. A
fantastic mod ;) (required for the other mod files to
work.) i have included a cfg file with all the settings
you can edit it if you wish. Config file changed since version 1, it can be edited.

PRM 4.0 - All credit goes to the PRM Team. Without this weapon limiting
will be disabled. (not required)


AWE 1.4.4 Beta4 - Open the folder and extract all the files within it to
Call of duty/Main. upon CoD start up open the console
and type exec awe.cfg and host a server.

Prm 4.0 - Open the folder and extract all the files within it to
Call of duty/Main. upon CoD start up open the console
and type exec awe.cfg and host a server.

weapons.pk3 - Extract into Call of duty/main
501st_spiers_blood_mc.pk3 - Extract into Call of duty/main
501st_spiers_sniper_1shot1kill.pk3 - Extract into Call of duty/main

Hope you enjoy Version 2!

email>> [email protected] Please leave some feedback to features you like and features you hate ;)

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