Additional War Effects

Here we have a server side mod which adds a few extra effects to the 1.3 mulitplayer game. IT adds shellshock and mortar explosions. Downloa...


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Here we have a server side mod which adds a few extra effects to the 1.3 mulitplayer game. IT adds shellshock and mortar explosions. Download it now and see what you think :)

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Server side modification for Call of Duty multiplayer version 1.3

Name   : wcanka_awe (Additional War Effects)
Version: 1.0
Author : [WC-anka] Bell (But mortar and shellshock code is stolen from Ravir's Demolition)
Site   :
Credit : Most credits for this goes to Ravir who is the author for most of the code
         used in this mod.

This is mostly copy'n'paste job putting Ravir's mortar and shellshock code
into all gametypes.

Before flaming me for using Ravir's code I would like to mention that
I've asked Ravir for his permission before releasing this.

I've also put in the option to have bombers flying by. (Idea from mittenwald map and
serveral CoD forums.)

Copy wcanka_awe_v1.pk3 to your "Call of Duty\main" folder. 

scr_awe_mortar			// enable ambient mortars. 0 = off, 1 to 10 = number of mortars to use (default 3)
scr_awe_mortar_safety		// prevent the mortars from hitting players. 0 = deadly, 1 = safe (default 1)	
scr_awe_mortar_delay_min	// minimum delay between a mortar's firing cycle (seconds) (default 5)
scr_awe_mortar_delay_max	// maximum delay between a mortar's firing cycle (seconds) (default 35)
				// the actual delay is a random value between _min and _max,
				// and is independant for each mortar.
				// i.e. with _min = 20, _max = 60, each mortar will wait randomly
				// from 20 to 60 seconds between firing rounds.

scr_awe_shellshock		// 0 = no shellshocks, 1 = use shellshocks (default 1)
				// (the deathshock will allways be used)

The following variables should tuned for each map and setup in bombers.cfg

scr_awe_bombers			// 0 = no bombers, 1 = bombers flying by (default 0)
scr_awe_bombers_delay		// delay between each squadron of bombers (default 300 seconds)
scr_awe_bombers_altitude	// altitude for bombers (default 1400), should be tuned for each map
scr_awe_bombers_distance	// (default -5000), should be tuned/map.
scr_awe_bombers_position	// (default -500), should be tuned/map.

If you only use stock maps you only have to add the following line to your configuration file if you want to enable bombers:

exec bombers.cfg

The bombers.cfg file in the archive is setup for all the stock maps.

Since I also use Ravir's cvar handling code you can override the settings
for specific maps by adding the mapname to the cvar.


set scr_awe_mortar_mp_chateau "2"	// Use less mortars on mp_chateau
set scr_awe_mortar_mp_hurtgen "5"	// Use more mortars on mp_hurtgen
set scr_awe_mortar_mp_ship "0"		// Use no mortars on mp_ship

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