Additional War Effects 1.4.4 beta 3

Wow, Tripwire just getting better and better Anymore and Activision should Hire this Guy

Additional War Effects 1.4.4 beta 3 -...


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Wow, Tripwire just getting better and better Anymore and Activision should Hire this Guy

Additional War Effects 1.4.4 beta 3 - Select secondary from menu has been reworked, should work better. - Secondary weapon can be configured as random. - Disable the secondary weapon slot. - Randomize/Limit ammo. - Fog can be configured to fade between two values.

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Download '' (547KB)

Just install it in you Call of Duty Main Folder

This is what's new:

Fixed a bug that kept the camper status on the player until next map/round.

Fog can now be configured with a second density (or distance for cfog) value. The fog will randomly start with one of the values and fade to the other. After half the roundlenght (for roundbased) or timelimit(non-roundbased) it will have reached the other value and will start fading back.

See awe.cfg for more info.

Ammo limiting
This is really simple to use and only uses two cvars.

set scr_awe_ammo_min "50"
set scr_awe_ammo_max "75"

This will randomize the ammo of each weapon (except grenades and panzerfausts) so that they will get 50 to 75 percent of their max ammo.
For example. The Thompson have a max ammo of 390 (360+30). With these settings the a player that spawns with a Thompson will get between 195 and 293 bullets. It will affect the pistol ammo aswell.

Simple and effective.

Random grenade count
set scr_awe_grenade_count_random "1"

will turn on randomized grenade count. It will randomize between 0 and the weapon based grenade count (0-1 for snipers, 0-2 for MG, 0-3 for rifles).

But if scr_awe_grenade_count is used to override the number of grenades it will randomize between 0 and that number of grenades.

If you use tripwire it can be a good idea to set it up like this:

set scr_awe_grenade_count "2"
set scr_awe_grenade_count_random "1"

That way only a third of the players should get 2 grenades which means only a third of the players will be able to set up tripwires.

Weapon forcing
scr_awe_secondary_weapon also takes the following options:
"select" - Select the secondary weapon from the menu
"selectother" - Select the secondary weapon from the other teams menu
"disable" - Disable the secondary weapon slot
"random" - Choose a random weapon
"randomother" - Choose a random weapon from the other team

The select options now only shows the menu once and will not show again unless you change your primary weapon. It also have been reworked and seems to work a lot better now.

disable means that you will only be able to carry one primary weapon. Picking up another will result in the first one being dropped. (Code taken from Rifle Platoon)

random is well, random... I don't think it needs to be explained.

Optimizing/Cleaning code
I've been through the code making sure stuff that aren't used are not precached and so. Also found some stuff that were precached but wasn't used any more that I removed. So this release is a little less resource demanding that the previuous version.

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