Additional War Effects

Here we have the 1.2 Version of the classic mod which adds many great features to the game. Download it now and go give it a try :rock:


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Here we have the 1.2 Version of the classic mod which adds many great features to the game. Download it now and go give it a try :rock:

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Download 'vowv1.0betasetup.exe' (13.85MB)

Server side modification for Call of Duty multiplayer version 1.3

Name   : wcanka_awe (Additional War Effects)
Version: 1.2
Author : [WC-anka] Bell
Site   :

Mortar, shellshock and pains/death sounds 	- Ravir (
cvardef and spawnmodel functions		- "

Bomber planes 					- Pharao_FS (

- Effects from Ravir's Demolition applied on all stock gametypes
  (Mortars, shellshock and pain/death sounds)

- Bomber planes flying by on all stock maps and should work on most custom maps too.

- Teamkill detection with different punishments.

- Camping detection and marking of campers. Marked with a star headicon and a questionmark on the compass.
  (Except in gametype bel where the camper is only marked with a star headicon)

Copy wcanka_awe_v1.2.pk3 to your "Call of Duty\main" folder. 

scr_awe_mortar			// enable ambient mortars. 0 = off, 1 to 10 = number of mortars to use (default 3)
scr_awe_mortar_safety		// prevent the mortars from hitting players. 0 = deadly, 1 = safe (default 1)	
scr_awe_mortar_delay_min	// minimum delay between a mortar's firing cycle (seconds) (default 5)
scr_awe_mortar_delay_max	// maximum delay between a mortar's firing cycle (seconds) (default 35)
				// the actual delay is a random value between _min and _max,
				// and is independant for each mortar.
				// i.e. with _min = 20, _max = 60, each mortar will wait randomly
				// from 20 to 60 seconds between firing rounds.

scr_awe_shellshock		// 0 = no shellshocks, 1 = use shellshocks (default 1)
				// (the deathshock will allways be used)

scr_awe_teamkill_max		// Maximal allowed teamkills (0 = turns function off) (default 3)
scr_awe_teamkill_warn		// Number of teamkills before recieving a warning. (default 1)
scr_awe_teamkill_method		// Punishment method for teamkillers (default 2)
				// 0 = kill
				// 1 = blow up
				// 2 = drop weapon, force to prone and shellshock for 15 seconds
scr_awe_teamkill_reflect	// Reflect damage after recieving punishment once (0=no, 1=yes) (default 1)

scr_awe_anticamp_time		// Maxmal allowed camping time in seconds. (0 = turns function off) (default 45)
scr_awe_anticamp_marktime	// Time that the player will be marked for camping in seconds. (default 90)

scr_awe_bombers			// 0 = no bombers, 1 = bombers flying by (default 1)
scr_awe_bombers_delay		// delay between each squadron of bombers (default 300 seconds)

The following variables can be used to override the calculated position of where the bomberplanes spawn.

scr_awe_bombers_altitude	// altitude for bombers (Z)
scr_awe_bombers_distance	// distance for bombers (Y)
scr_awe_bombers_position	// position for bombers (X)

For the stock maps it works fine with the calculated position except in mp_dawnville where the
planes get an altitude around 700 where they should get 1500.

I recommend overriding the altitude for mp_dawnville by adding this to your config file:

set scr_awe_bombers_altitude_mp_dawnville 1500

Since I also use Ravir's cvar handling code you can override the settings
for specific maps by adding the mapname to the cvar.


set scr_awe_mortar_mp_chateau "2"	// Use less mortars on mp_chateau
set scr_awe_mortar_mp_hurtgen "5"	// Use more mortars on mp_hurtgen
set scr_awe_mortar_mp_ship "0"		// Use no mortars on mp_ship


1.2	Added personal reflect damage after first punishment.
	Anticamping functions.

1.1	Teamkill detection and punishment. Automatic calculation of spawnpoint for bomber planes.
	Pain-/deathsounds from Demolition on all gametypes.

1.0	Initial release

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