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An unkown author has made this new realism mod which mostly deals with the health and dagmage system of the AI. He has made it so everyone playing is killed in one shot except hands and feet. Your friends now have 100 health as you do instead of 350 and the axis have better aim. Plus there are new blood and sounds that have been added to this already fun sounding mod. So if you would like to get a new feel for SP, dust off your CoD SP and give this mod a try! :thumbsup:




////////////////**AI HURT 1.0 README**\\\\\\\\\\\

Thank you for downloading my mod. It is my first so please bear with me.
The AIHurt Mod is a Realism Mod that greatly increases realism and intensity of warfare. THIS IS NOT A WALK IN THE PARK!!!! In real war, 1 shot and ur out of there! Same thing will apply here, you get shot, bye bye! But, if you shoot a german, bye bye as well. Germans are no longer little ants that you can squish, they have the same accuracy as your allies, they are all decent, snipers are deadly. Allied soldiers no longer have 350 % health, they have 100% just like you and the germans. All weapons have zero zoom so dont use that as a binocular anymore. Hit Locations have changed according to human anatomy. Foot and hand shots will hurt, but they are not as deadly. Aim for the Top Arms to hit arteries, or aim for the heart, head, top chest. Hit the Lower Leg and  sever the artery there, you got a kill.
1.Just unzip the Aihurt.zip file into you cod folder
ex: C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\
2. Find Aihurt.bat file and click on it, the SP exe will open with the mod running!

(If it is not in Program Files\Call of Duty, look for the batch file inside AIhurt :)

*All weapons are deadly, not sh*t
*Allies have 100% health, not 350%
*German accuracy greatly improved
*Added Blood Effects (Mercilles)
*Sound Mod ( BoB Sound mod)


Chris P- Blood
Double U - BoB Sound Mod

***More to Look for***

*Gonna attempt to make a "Medic" so when ur hit, u may ( MAY!) live.
* Many more things

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