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An all in one script kinda says it all!


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An all in one script kinda says it all!

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//  ALL IN ONE SCRIPT V1.0  //
//COPYRIGHT $m0 AKA Badeend!//
// REALESE DATE: 21/03/2004 //
//   MORE INFO: #.respect   // 


The instalation:
1. Unzip it to youre cod main dir. default: "c:/program files/ea games/call of duty/main"
2. open the file (with notepad or something): AIO.cfg
3. In the category "usefull stuff" go to nick toggle replace <name1> and <name2> with youre nick
4. Go and play cod mp and type in youre console /exec AIO.cfg
5. thats all have phun.


This is the all in one cod script!
with the following features:
1. Auto grenade.
2. nick toggle.
3. fps toggle.
4. lagometer toggle.
5. burst fire mode.
6. quick commands.
7. clean screenshots.
8. lol toggle.

//TNX TO//

Respect (cod clan)
irc: #.respect at quakenet
Reason: for beta testing AIO_V1

//GREETZ $M0//

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