Aquai's Sound Mod

Well another pretty neat sound mod for the one and only Call of Duty.


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Well another pretty neat sound mod for the one and only Call of Duty.

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Download '' (4.7MB)

Aquai's Sound Mod V1.5

Website: Don't Have One Yet!

Instructions: Extract the User_Aquais_Sounds_V1.5.pk3 file into you Call of Duty/Main directory (Delete any old versions of this sound mod or any other sound mod)

This mod changes most of the ingame gun sounds, and some other sounds (e.g. bomb timer), in both single player and multiplayer. Hope you like it...
Any problems or suggestions email me at

What's changed in version 1.5:


Removed the Plant and Defuse noises due to bugs


More grenade throw noises
New shellshock loop
Reloads for empty and non-empty on almost all weapons 

Many thanks to anyones files used, i used so many sources that i lost track of where the sounds are all from, but i seem to remember, and wish to thank that soem sounds came from:
Day of Defeat (Thank you very much)
Enemy Terriotry (Same to you)
Various internet sources (Well done to all of you out there hosting sound sites)
Various other modders (Thank you if i used some of your sounds
Also thanks to my friend Sorce (for editing some sounds and adding others)
And all the VS-UK testers

To unistall:
Remove the User_Aquais_Sounds_V1.5.pk3 from your Call of Duty main folder

Please do not edit this file or distribute edited versions without giving credit to me and the above. Aquai©

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