Army Men



Here's an awesome new total conversion -- at least I classify it as such :P -- which changes your game into an Army Men theme. This mod was in the making for a very long time and was likely to never have been released, but here you have it now! ;) The makers have put out this first version for your enjoyment, and it should serve its purpose quite well. It's got lots of new stuff, but what catches my eye most is the awesome Toybox Bloodbath map (featured in the screenshots below). Anyway, there's lots more for you to have fun with, so make sure you read the list of new stuff below, check out the screenshots, and download this great mod now! :thumbsup:

  • New Main Menu
  • New Maps
  • All-New Weapon Sounds
  • All-New Weapon Skins
  • All-New Character Skins
  • Modified Weapon Fire Rates
  • Modified Weapon Damages


Army Men Version 1.0

Before you install the Army Men Mod v1.0, carefully read the terma and conditions of this agreement. By installing the software you are consenting to be bound by this agreement. If you do not afree to ALL of the terms of this agreement, DO NOT install of use the software.

1)  This modification is a Multi-Player Expansion for Call of Duty.
2)  The Developers accept the general terms and conditions and the special terms and conditions.
3)  The User of that Multi-Player Modification must already have accepted Activisions terms and conditions.
4)  This modification was not developed for commercial issues.
5)  The developers explicit dissociate from racism and fascism.
6)  No part of the encluded material may be copied, reproduce, used in any computer or other media game, promotion or form for any reason without express written consent and naming of the publisher. All Material contained in this package is copyright 2005, Army Men Mod and is exclusive property of Red Eye Studios.
7)  This Material is not supported or developed by Activision Inc. 3100 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica, California 90405.
8)  Use at your own risk! Red Eye Studios is not responsible for any damage this 

Make sure you know where your version of Call of Duty is installed.
The mod should be placed in a folder named "AM" in your Call of Duty directory.

-Default Directory For Call of Duty:
      C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\AM

-Default Directory For Game of the Year Edition:
      C:\Program Files\Call of Duty Game of the Year Edition\AM

Army Men Mod, a mod for Call of Duty, started out as random talk between two friends. At 
first it was brought up as a funny idea for a mod were all weapon sounds were changed to voice
made ones. Then the idea to make a mod about the plastic soldiers surfaced because of the wacky
color changes. We thought that the new changes made it seem almost like make believing you were
a plastic soldier. So what better form of make believing a plastic soldiers life then with the old 
Army Men we all grew up with. The plastic toys as well as the 3DO franchise made a perfect base for 
a mod. No other mods had changed all weapon sounds to voice made ones nor made a mod about the first 
war toys. Army Men wasn't made in the first place to be a TOTAL conversion; it was only a fun idea as
well as a first attempt at modding.

Game Changes:
- Some new maps.
- Changed weapon sounds to voiced sounds.
- Changed character clothing colors.
- Changed Weapon colors.
- Changed weapon firing rates.
- Changed weapon damage.
   - Rifles, 1 shit kill.
   - Machine guns, increased damage.
- Changed main menu display.

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