This Call of Duty map by a new developer in the database known as KilJoY puts me, the reviewer, in a bit of a predicament. My jaw just d...


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This Call of Duty map by a new developer in the database known as Kil[L]JoY puts me, the reviewer, in a bit of a predicament. My jaw just dropped when I saw the submitted screenshot, and I was even more impressed when I actually went in-game to test the map out. The quality is exceptional. This is comparable to any official map I've ever seen and in some ways much better, aesthetically speaking. That's where the problem lies, however. So much effort was put into making everything look so perfectly realistic that it seems performance has dropped significantly. From almost any position on the map, you'll get all sorts of "too many visible models" messages in the console, and you'll notice your FPS drop. A good use of portals might fix this, but still, everything is so incredibly detailed that the game actually has a hard time handling it. Without a cap on my frames per second, I might achieve some 150-200 FPS in the stock Call of Duty with my max settings. At a number of points on this map, I get around 20-40 FPS due to the excess model lag. I can't imagine how a lower-end computer would respond to this, but I'd still recommend you test the map out. Check out the screenshot below to see just how wonderful it looks in the game, download it now, and see if your computer can handle the beauty of Asch! ;)


PS: I dropped the "Tech" and "Fun Factor" scores because the lag tends to interfere with gameplay for me.

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Download '' (3.97MB)


Map Title                : MP_asch
Author                   : Kil[L]JoY (GuntherMoors)
E-mail                   : realname AT hotmail DOT com


			    ||||      ||||      
 	|||   || ||| |||    ||  |||     || |||||   ||||   ||     ||
	|||  ||  ||| |||    ||  |||     ||   ||| |||  |||  ||   ||
	||||||	     |||    ||  |||     ||   ||| |||  |||   || ||
	|||||    ||| |||    ||  |||     ||   ||| |||  |||    |||
	||||||   ||| |||    ||  |||     ||   ||| |||  |||    |||
	|||  ||  ||| |||||| ||  ||||||  ||  |||| |||  |||    |||
	|||   || ||| |||||| ||  ||||||  || ||||    ||||      |||
			    ||||      ||||


Game                     : Call of Duty

Supported Gametype
                         : Deathmatch
                         : Team Deathmatch
                         : Behind Enemy Lines
                         : Headquarters
                         : Retrieval
                         : Search and Destroy

Map Size                 : 20+players : Large

     this package contains the map mp_asch some custom textures
     and a lot of my effort 

     to install copy  mp_asch.pk3 into your Call of duty/main or
     Call of Duty game of the year edition/main folder 

Construction Time        : 8 months

Custom Content           : Textures

     Special thanks to all the great people at MODSonline cause
     they are the ones that told me how to map 
     thx for all the great tutorials and patience you had with me
     ; )

     Enjoy playing this map as i enjoyed making it !!!


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if you want to use any content in this file please ask me for permission.

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