Newest version of the AWE mod. Here's what's new:

Random grenade count (changed slightly from beta 3) set scr_awe_grenade_count_...


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Newest version of the AWE mod. Here's what's new:

Random grenade count (changed slightly from beta 3) set scr_awe_grenade_count_random "1"

will turn on randomized grenade count. It will randomize between 1 and the weapon based grenade count (0-1 for snipers, 0-2 for MG, 0-3 for rifles).

But if scr_awe_grenade_count is used to override the number of grenades it will randomize between 1 and that number of grenades.

If you use: set scr_awe_grenade_count_random "2" it will randomize between 0 grenades and the max number (like described above)

If you use tripwire it can be a good idea to set it up like this:

set scr_awe_grenade_count "2" set scr_awe_grenade_count_random "2"

That way only a third of the players should get 2 grenades which means only a third of the players will be able to set up tripwires.

Team overriding Team overriding now makes sure winter skins are used on winter maps.

Rain/Snow With the clientside mod installed players can get rain and snow(on winter maps).

This is a bit experimental, I do not know yet how it will affect performance. Let me know how it works.

See awe.cfg for cvars.

Bleeding With clientside mod installed player will now have visual bleeding like in Merciless. (blood dripping)

Demolition Removed tutorial to increase compability with custom maps.

Capture the flag Basic scoring (not configurable yet) added for scoring, stealing etc...

PRM4.0 addon Fixed a PRM bug that prevented the serverinfo menus to show (MOTD)

Bulletholes Nvidia users with clientside mod installed will now get bulletholes in their hud. (Only worked on Radeon cards before).

Not sure how this will affect the bulletholes decals since I redined the shaders for it. Let me know if you find problems.

Minefields Minefields can now be disabled with a cvar.

Soundalias mod The soundalias mod is now called clientside instead since it now also contains shaders, effects and skins.

Tripwire Can now be configured to ignore teamkills and also to not trigger on teammates. See awe.cfg for more info. (This was intruduced in beta 3b)

Optimizing/Cleaning code I've done some more optimizing and fixed a few minor bugs.

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