AWE RifleZ Plus Taunts



This is an AWE Addon for Those who Enjoy the Bolt Action Rifles, all teams can choose any rifle including the M1909a3 unscoped Springfield It also Includes Taunts for all Teams Selectable from the Quick Message Menus

This Mod Requires that you are running Call of Duty 1.5 plus AWE 2.12 on your Server



Tally's Rifle Mod Adapted for AWE Call of Duty original link - http://callofduty.filefront.com/file/Tallys_UO_BoltAction_Rifle_Mod;49392
Taunts Originated from xXezekielXx's The Voice of War - http://callofduty.filefront.com/file/The_Voice_of_War;24835
Unscoped Springfield M19309a3 Rifle Model Creator Unknown
Modified with Permission by **AC**o0CAPPI0o

You may not alter this mod in any way without the permission of myself or the above Creators


Awe 2.12 for Call of Duty
Call of Duty 1.5

This Mod contains Taunts selectable from the Voice Menus and a Rifle Only Addon for AWE
Rifles Include
M1909a3 Unscoped Springfield
Scoped Kar98k
Scoped Nagant
SPringfield Rifle

All Rifles are 1 shot kill and have tight crosshairs

Unpack the pk3 files into your AWE folder
the following cvars are to be added to either your server config or your awe config

set scr_allow_m1903a3 "1" 0 or 1 (1 is default)

// Show AWE logo under healthbar (0 = off, 1 = on) (default 1)
set awe_show_logo "1"

// Show clan logo picture/graphic
set awe_show_server_logo_pic "1"

// How big the logo picture will be
// default 0.7, values are 0.5 to 1
set awe_server_logo_pic_scale "0.7"

// How transparent is the clan logo pic/graphic
// default 0.5, values 0.1 to 1.0, 1 being solid, non see thru
set awe_server_logo_pic_alpha "1"

Modified by o0CAPPI0o http://www.alphacompany.org.uk - The first & the Last

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