mpberrypomeroy.zip —


This is a DM and TDM map, featuring a castle.



           Berry Pomeroy Castle
           for Call of Duty

In July 1943 a small group of crack Waffen
SS parachuted into England - their purpose
to find and kill the popular entertainer
George Formby, and hence deliver a crushing 
blow to the morale of an already stretched
British nation. 

The renezvous point was the old ruin of Berry
Pomeroy castle, 3 miles from Formby's Devon 
home. But, unbeknownst to the Germans, the 
castle was occupied by the local Home Guard
and what followed was to be the fiercest battle 
ever fought on British soil in WW2. 

Outsanding gallantry was displayed by all the 
members of the Home Guard. For a particular act 
of bravery, Private Tree Muppet was awarded the 
Victoria Cross.

Copy the pk3 file into call of duty/main folder.
DM and TDM. tested on version 1.4. 
Respect to - vikingwiedel, wyatt earp, TMT


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