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Here we have a great sound mod featuring sounds from the acclaimed WWII FPS Brothers in Arms. This final version includes some raw sounds o...


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File Description

Here we have a great sound mod featuring sounds from the acclaimed WWII FPS Brothers in Arms. This final version includes some raw sounds outside the pk3 for your listening pleasure as well. ;)

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Download '' (2.85MB)

Install/Uninstall Instructions:

Extract zz_BIA_COD_Final.pk3 to your main and/or uo game directories (in C:\Program Files\Call Of Duty by default).

To uninstall, simply delete the .pk3


File Information:

This mod replaces your games weapon sounds with the ones used in Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30. It will replace the default weapon firing sounds for:

Colt .45
M1 Garand
M1 Carbine
Thompson (alternate Thompson sound included in zip)
Springfield '03
.30 Cal Machine gun (hand held & tank - UO Only)
KAR98k (scoped and non-scoped)
MP40 (alternate MP40 sound included in zip)
Bazooka (UO Only)
Panzerschreck (UO Only)
Grenade Explosions

NOTE: I have included the Mortar firing sound from BIA in the zip but was unable to locate its location in COD. If you know where to put it, simply add it in a pk3 and play! :)

This mod is for use with both COD and UO.


Fixes And Updates Since Last Release:

Fixed an issue where the tanks 30cal cooldown wouldn't play properly in game.
Adjusted volume of the Springfield '03
Adjusted volume of the KAR98k (scoped and non-scoped)
Adjusted "distance" sounds for all weapons.
Cleaned up sound of the M1 Garand.
Added alternate MP40 and Thompson firing sounds in zip for those who don't like the originals.

NOTE: The Alternate MP40 and Thompson sounds are still from BIA, I found them lingering in their respective UAX files.


Important Notes:

This file was developed and compiled by <[OneX]>Snowman1944 for Public and personal use.  This mod may be distributed freely provided this readme accompanies it.


Contact me at


Final Release Notes:

Don't like the default MP40 or Thompson sounds included in the pk3's? NO PROBLEM! Simply replace the &quot;MP40&quot; and/or Thompson folder(s) in the pk3 (pk3->sound->weapons) with the ones I included in the &quot;MP40 Alt&quot;/&quot;Thompson Alt&quot; folder(s) in the zip!

Final note, HAVE FUN! :)

Other Notes:

My third and final release of the Brothers in Arms sound mod for Call of Duty & United Offensive. All files have been fully tested in both COD & UO and should work properly.  If you encounter ANY problems with them, do not hesitate to e-mail me.

Later on, if I feel like it, I may make another BIA_COD mod replacing the reload sounds.


Kudos & Thanks

I would like to thank Ubisoft @ Gearbox for such a great gaming experience with Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30.  I would recommend this game to anyone. Especially all the WWII freaks out there like myself. :)

And last but definitely not least, thanks to all of you out there for downloading my mod and I hope you enjoy it. :D


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