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Here's an interesting new mod for all the CoD games at the moment (CoD, CoDUO, and CoD2). Zid calls this one Bits & Pieces for obvious rea...


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Here's an interesting new mod for all the CoD games at the moment (CoD, CoDUO, and CoD2). Zid calls this one Bits & Pieces for obvious reasons once you see the ReadMe and all the details. The mod changes various aspects of the game -- and the gameplay -- to give you a more enjoyable experience as you make your way through the three games. I'm not going to try to summarize all of what's included because even that would be too wordy. :P Just check out the ReadMe below, see the screenshots, and partake in the Bits & Pieces! ;)


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Bits & Pieces - Small mods for CoD/CoD:UO/CoD2



EMAIL: [email protected]



Just some adjustments I've made for Call of Duty. They're all 2D strings & models I've changed to make gameplay somewhat engaging and balancing, plus a few bit of this and that. Well, "keep you on the hook" is what I'm aiming for.



Copyright belongs to Infinity Ward and such related companies that helped created Call of Duty. However, I don't mind distributing this mod. Just remember to include credits to me.

As for the quotes of this update, I found them off of:
The Pocket Book of Quotations
From history teachers, textbooks, two museums, and random findings 

I have a quote or two from Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, so don't be offended if you see them. To me, it's unfair to include Joseph Stalin and not the two Facist leaders.




			1. BALANCING WEAPONS: While I believe realism induces a more credulous environment, a game is a game, and it's no fun when things get one-sided. I've balanced the weapons as much as I thought would support MATCHED abilities.

				a. Submachine guns: All weapons that have an alternative fire that is either semi-auto or slow-auto will have a zoom-in bonus when switched to those modes. MP40 and Sten are a bit lighter than Thompson and PPSh, so I boosted player's speed by just a bit. To counter that, I've lowered their melee damage (which is also based by their melee animation ingame).

				b. Bolt-action rifles: Rifles that are fed via a clip are forced to only be reloaded when clip is expended. This takes care of the useful Scoped Mosin-Nagant. Also took care of the glitch of said weapon when phasing out of ADS right after fireing a shot.

				c. Semi-auto rifles: Damage are just slightly lower than bolt-actions, excluding M1A1 Carbine. I was thinking of lowering them even more, but then, it wouldn't be realistic. There was also a glitch where the SVT40 had a strong melee damage value (750!), so I fixed that. M1A1 Carbine, I've adjusted max ammo (to reason with expendable amount if you reload only when the gun is empty), melee damage, and speed (Both of which are due to the weapon's weight and usage of a metal stock).

				d. MP44, BAR, Bren, & FG42: All damage has been balanced amongst themselves and relative to other weapon categories. All has their speed lowered, with MP44 the least lowered. Melee damage are increased, with MP44 the least increased.

				e. Pistols: Damage are increased so that they're at least more useful in prolonged situations. Adjusted max ammo, lowered melee damage by a bit, increased speed a lot. The Webley can only to be reloaded when empty; however, since it's a revolver, it gets a generous damage bonus, which balances the ammo and the reloading process (Both means and animation).

				f. Grenades: The Stielhandgranate wasn't as powerful ingame as the other grenades, so I brought it up to ranks. All grenades have a 4-second cook (in CoD, no alt-fire is required). Speed is higher, melee damage is lower.

				g. Projectile explosives: All are heavy, so they have to be lowered in speed. I've increased the melee damage by a bit. Panzerfaust should be a little lighter, so it's more on speed, less in melee.

				h. Deployable MGs: Damage are now in balanced proportions. Speed is decreased; melee is increased (Are you starting to see the relation here?).

				i. Flamethrowers: Speed decreased.

			Yeah, there's an inverse relationship between speed and melee. Makes sense theoretically. Also, I've fixed AI ammo count (like MP40 was counted as 30 instead of 32 in AI script). Shouldn't be too much of a difference; DP28 was changed from 150 to 47, but I can't see the difference ingame when the Russian AI was using it in [kharkov2].

			2. LOADOUT: Based on which weapon is most likely to be used during that situation by common soldiers and also if it complements with the mission's layout and difficulty. In every infantry mission, there are now one primary weapon instead of two (except for [chateau], [powcamp], & [trainbridge]). To make sure this complied with the idea, I had to adjust a few maps, so if there's a map in my mod that conflicts with another mod, remove that mod.

			3. AI: All AI has 100 health now (In the original, your allies had 300). Allied AI's accuracy is increased dramatically (Mexican standoffs are boring after 5 seconds), and the accuracy given is dependent on weapon (Rifleman is more accurate than Submachine Gunner). AIs are there to help you, not to make things look like the Shoot'em Up.

			4. AI LOADOUT: Most are okay, but I've adjusted a few to match usage during the time period (Like more M1A1 Carbine than M1 Garand users in the first few American missions). Thompsons and M1A1 Carbine are now usable in the British missions. I was thinking of the M1 Garand in their disposal, but they're not too much of a fan of that weapon, and they're also airborne units.

			5. WEAPON NAMES: Renaming to what I feel is best specific.

			6. ADDED ITEMS: Almost every mission in United Offensive now have the player start out with Binoculars in their loadout. Instead of putting it in the Pistol slot, I've changed the item's category to its own, the binocular type. So, you can have a pistol AND a pair of binoculars (Press 5 or go through your inventory individually to access it) in a mission. Useful. I've also included Satchel Charges in some missions (mostly the Americans); have fun with those (Press 7 or go through your inventory). Be careful, you only get one satchel charge per mission and have no way to refill it. Finally, I've made Smoke Grenades into their own category, so you can have them in the singleplayer mission too. But it's kinda useless; the AI in CoD 1 aren't as perceptive-dependent as their "advanced" clones CoD 2, so they'll see through the smoke and fire on you all the same accuracy.

			7. ALLIED NAMES: Transferred the extra names from UO to CoD. Plus, I've made sure that American Lieutanants aren't limited to Thompsons anymore; they can use any other American weapon. I've also adjusted rankings; British and Russians now have Corporals and Sergeants (though it's bizarre to see such high ranks with the Russians), and you'll see a bit more of lower-ranked soldiers than higher-ranked ones.

			8. EASIER VETERAN DIFFICULTY: Having trouble trying to beat Veteran mode? Is it because you can't have access to health kits anymore? Well, have no worries! I've returned them in Veteran mode. You'll see them where they were before, and soldiers will spawn the medium health kit as always. Now, combined with quicksaving, Veteran mode should now be much easier, and tacklable by virtually any gamer.

			9. QUOTES: Added six more death quotes, and finally cleaned up all the bugs that were reported to me.

			10. SETTINGS: Cleaned up some of the settings you see in the beginning of each mission.


			1. BALANCING WEAPONS: Like above (including the same Scoped Mosin-Nagant glitch), but fitted for Call of Duty 2.

				a. M3A1 Greasegun: Added that in relatively easy without any loss of American weapons. Changing it for Singleplayer was another thing. It was modeled off of the MP40 in Multiplayer, so I've used the SP MP40 as the Greasegun's values (before changing it to the specifications of this mod). I've changed the ammo count from 32 to 30, since that's its true magazine count. I've also imported its MP sounds to SP (You'll be surprised how many beginning CoD modders don't know how to do this, and how easy it actually is).

				b. PPS-42: is now PPS-43. The '42 doesn't have a foldable stock; the '43 does.

				c. Thompson: Fixed the AI firing sound glitch (The AI Thompson sounded different from the player's; that's because AI Thompson's firing sound was set to M1 Garand's firing sound, so it was a fast-automatic sound of M1 Garand out of a Thompson). I've also done a bit of switching around and carefully scrutinizing each SP British infantry maps. SO FAR, I've found no Thompson pickups (other than from loadout and dead Tommies) on the field. So what I've done is give every African British submachine gunner a [thompson_earlywar] (Something I created) and modified it to have 20-count ammo; the later British and Americans get the original Thompson, modified to have 30-count ammo. Yes, I know it's confusing, but the Americans have the 20-count Thompsons on the field and the British don't, so I have all the British change to "Early War" Thompsons with 20-count and have all the original Thompsons after Africa 30-count.

				d. M1918A2 BAR: Annoyed by the fact the BAR's a useless piece of junk at long range (in which it's suppose to be better at)? Hate the incredible recoil and vertical displacement? Always ammo-dry just when you got that kickback adjusted while firing? Say no more. I've made ease of those grievances by reducing the recoil to half its kick. The BAR is an unwieldy gun, but not THAT unwieldy, so I've made it to be a good support weapon while still keeping it from being powerful like in CoD. It should be easier now to fill in a support role in the American campaign.

				e. Bolt-action rifles: Beware - if you're in Veteran mode, you'll be dead within TWO of these rounds. Be sure of you can find cover if you're shot.

			2. LOADOUT: A primary weapon and a sidearm (sometimes without a sidearm). No complaints.

			3. AI: Modified to mod's specifications. There was also a problem with Lt. Volsky and Sgt. Randall "Battlechatter"; they wouldn't be in the right voice (They were yelling in other soldiers' voices). I've fixed that. Russian women now are snipers, since there are more of them than riflewomen... Besides, that means there will be more Scoped Mosin-Nagant to grab if one of these "cloned" women die.

			4. AI LOADOUT: African British receives Sten, since it's a Mk. II design, and thus been in service since 1942. Thompson still outranks Sten in quantity (in my mod, by 2:1). British forces didn't like the Sten during this year, but for the sake of balance, I increased the chances of encountering a Sten in the African campaign. African & Normandy British also receives the M1 Garand (instead of the M1 Carbine in CoD). I KNOW, I KNOW, British forces didn't like this gun that much either, but FOR THE SAKE OF BALANCE... Anyway, American forces get M3A1 Grease gun in their disposal, appearing more often than the M1A1 Thompson (30-count ammo), which also happens to be in American and Normandy British hands (Sten Mk. II, during this campaign, should now outnumber the Thompson by 2:1). Americans will receive more M1 Carbine, especially in missions that rarely have them or don't at all (like [duhoc_defend]).

			5. WEAPON NAMES: Changed to what I deemed fit. There were also a few weapons whose names didn't fit in with their design (and year). Namely, the M1 Carbine (originally the M1A1 Carbine, but changed due to its wooden stock), M1 & M1A1 Thompson (originally the Thompson, but that was confusing, since there was the African British 20-count Thompson and the latter 30-count Thompson. African British Thompsons should then be M1 and the latter Thompsons should be M1A1, mostly because of their ammo count. Also, if you took a look at the Thompson skin, you'll see IW originally planned to make the M1A1 Thompson to begin with), and PPS-43 (originally PPS-42, but changed because of the design of the weapon is PPS-43. Although, the PPS-43 wasn't invented until 1943, so the PPS-43 ingame before 1943 are technically PPS-42, just in the design of PPS-43).

			6. ALLIED RANKS: I've added Cpl and Sgt to the American campaign.

			7. ALLIED DEATH: Allies will now have equal animations as Axis do, like getting hurt near-death and then dying afterwards, or having the "Last Stand" animation with their sidearms.

			8. QUOTES: Like above, six more death quotes.

			9. SETTINGS: Cleaned up with mission's beginning settings, especially the confusion about the time when phasing between "City Hall" [cityhall] to "Comrade Sniper" [downtownsniper] (In the game, it said that the "Comrade Sniper" mission is about an hour before the "City Hall" mission, even though you completed it already and are entering the next mission!)



	Place which mod you like in the package into your Main or UO folder (Don't worry; each mod can work with what according to which folder you extracted them from).


	Delete the mod from the folder you put it in.



I played through these mods alot, and so far, nothing out of the ordinary is found. Allied names are a little clunky on the ranks; sometimes you'll see 4 Sergeants and 1 Private in a group (This is most noticable in the beginning of [trenches]). I can't fixed that, because I don't know how. Well, I do, but I'm very limited on knowing how to.


1. PPS-43 where PPS-42 should be (I don't have the skills to create a separate PPS-42 model).

2. While you'll see Corporals and Sergeants in the American campaign (and even hear your squad call out "Sergeant!" when one is nearby), if you look closely at their chevron on their right arm, you'll see the two higher-ranking soldiers still bearing Pvt. chevrons (which is one gold arrow). I have little clue on how to fix that.

3. Allies can die in their new death animations like Axis, but a problem in the scripting somewhere disables the Allies from dropping their primary weapon when they enter these new animations (The old, "confirming" death animations works fine). The weapon, instead of "separating" from their owners, gets stuck in the model plane, and is therefore unattainable. In "Last Stand" cases, the Allied soldiers would actually switch their primary weapon for their sidearm instead of DROPPING their primary weapon like they're supposed to (However, the animation where the soldier gets shot, turns on his stomach, and crawls away does drop the weapon, but a little later on. The soldier still hangs onto his weapon after he got shot; only when he has a second on the ground does he drop his weapon).

The file is about 1 MB. The extra 3.2 MB (which totals 4.2 MB) comes from the hi-resolution pictures. I apologize, but there are people who love screenshots, and then, there are those who love pictures with eye-candy.



With Call of Duty 4 around the corner, I might start anew with the quote thing (and other such, like weapon modifications, difficulty tweaking, & singleplayer names, especially with military ranks). I'll probably do the same multiplayer quote addition. However, I won't guarantee I'll get these mods up as soon as the game is released. Give me a few months to earn some money, and we'll see...

The compass in the screenshots belongs to Tally's custom compass mod, which is a beautiful little makeover (but I wish the bottom shadow was separated instead of attached to the circle graphics). Wanna play CoD 1 without crosshairs? Type in "/cg_drawcrosshair 0" in the console (accessable by "~" ingame) and you'll lose the weapon crosshairs (To regain, type in "/cg_drawcrosshair 1", otherwise it will stay like that for as long as you don't change it).

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