BLooDSPraY's Name Flasher



Here we have a little script which means you can change the colour of your name at the touch of a button making it flash to as many diffrent patterns as you like. Download it now and go give it a try :)






1)Extract on to your desktop

2)open the .cfg file i gave you.

3)In every Parenthesis, add a ^ and a different number each time up to 8 befor your name.

                   {EXAMPLE}                      NOTE:The longer you make 
                                                  the [name,wait] the longer
                 name "^1your name"                 your name will flash                       wait 10                          but is recomended that
                 name "^2your name"                 you use as much as the
                 wait 10                          [name,wait] the .cfg
                 name "^3your name"                 comes with or you may 
                 wait 10                          flood the server you 
                 name "^4your name"                 are playing in......

4)Save your file after entering your name and put it into your main of Call of Duty.

5)Start up Call of Duty and enter a game......is best to practice this in an empty server.
6)open up your console in game by hitting the ~ key.

7)in the console type exactly this /exec "name.cfg" and hit enter  the console should say execing name.cfg.

8)Then type in your console /bind n exec name.cfg

9)Wait until the end of the game when scoreboard appears and hit n.

10)Your name should be flashing!!!

Email us if your having any problems at [email protected]

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