Breaking 50 Paintball Mod



Click here for the zip version of this mod.

The latest version of the Breaking 50 Paintball Mod for CoD is finally here, and there are tons of additions, fixes, and features for your enjoyment! ;) Read the full list of goodies below, and download this awesome paintball mod now!

  1. All maps have in-game viewmap screens
  2. Fixed issues with b50_closequarters that allowed players to escape the map
  3. Added an anonymously submitted new map: b50_speedball_uap
  4. Included in the docs folder, there is an X_Ball.map file for use in making your own X_Ball maps
  5. Tac5 has been fixed so it doesn't look like the player is throwing the gun when it's shot
  6. b50_old_depot has a new door in the back of the depot sitting by the tracks for gameplay reasons
  7. b50_outdoor has fixed terrain seperation issues, a new building, and all-new textures
  8. b50_warehouse has all-new textures and fixed compatibility with the Control Point gametype
  9. Control Point gametype has icons added to the HUD on right side to show who is in control
  10. Added two new gametypes:
    • Strongarm (b50_sa): The goal is to extend your team's lead to a certain amount that changes depending on how many players are on the server
    • Team Death Swap (tds): This gametype is purely arcade; when you get tagged, you change teams
  11. Four new maps for your enjoyment: b50_speedball_09 By Disgrace, b50_speedball_10, b50_speedball_1, and b50_speedball_12
  12. Added MG42 mounted paintball gun that can be removed by CVar scr_allow_mg42_bipod (0=NO 1=YES)
  13. Added all stock Call of Duty maps to a separate pk3 that can be downloaded as an add-on
  14. Updated the Breaking 50 help file and all readmes and forum posts on installing the mod. Also updated the FAQ page
  15. Added pods to the HUD to show how many balls you are carrying
  16. If you get hit, your screen fills with paint and you announce that you've been hit
  17. Tournament Skins done by akir for all speedball maps
  18. As you sprint and the heartbeat starts, your screen will fog as goggles will when breathing hard



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