Breaking 50 Paintball Mod



The latest version of the Breaking 50 Paintball Mod has been released! In this total conversion for regular CoD, players get a chance to partake in the fast-paced action of the paintball world without ever leaving their computer chairs. You have at your fingertips two teams, six paintball guns, and a wide array of brand new maps in varying styles on which you can own all your friends, paint-style. ;)

Click here to see screenshots from the mod and here for other assorted downloads (like documents and a trailer), and put this mod on your CoD servers today! :thumbsup:

  1. Added four new guns (Angel, Tippmann A5, Tac 5, and Piranha)
  2. Rate of fire button changes between new and old models of Angel and Piranha guns
  3. All guns now come with two grenades
  4. Fixed miscellaneous code and text issues
  5. Added four new maps (b50_Forest, b50_Bigsky, b50_Xball_01, and B50_CloseQuarters)
  6. Included X_Ball.map file for use in making your own X_Ball maps (along with appropriate documentation)
  7. All-new weapon fire sounds
  8. Resolved map-crash issues
  9. Retextured b50_outdoor
  10. Removed main menu music

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