Call of Duty: Beyond the Call of Duty



Do you play single player modifications? well Labyrinth Productions has created one cool Singplayer Mod.



Call of Duty: Beyond the Call of Duty v. 1.2

Created by:
Labyrinth Productions
Juuso "Mr. Big Mister" Rautaharju
http://[email protected]

Call of Duty v. 1.3 patch

Instal the mod into your Call of Duty main directory (like c:\games\Call of Duty).
Start the game with the desctop shotcut. 


What is it?
This is a mod for the Call of Duty Single Player only.
After modding SoF2 for 2 years I got me a Call of Duty and started modding it. This mod continues my single player modding projects. It doesn't invent the wheel again, it just makes it little better. Things balance between as much realism as possible, but also keeps the game in a playable condition.


1.2 Features:

-New nifty installation program and desctop icon.
-New Panzer IV, Tiger, T-34 and flak 18 muzzle flash and smoke.
-New grenade explosion effect.
-Panzerfaus shoots smoke and flames out of both ends.
-Stick grenades fly further than other grenades.
-Shell fly more randomly.
-Flak 18 ejects shells and has a new shell hit sound.
-New/modified bullet impact effects.


1.1 Features:

-New flak gun muzzle and tracer effects.
-Airfield flak gun tracers leave a smoke trail behind them (day time, easier to spot them).
-Only MG's have tracers.
-Stuka MG sound replaced with the MG42 (stuka has an MG 17 that fires 7.92mm at 1100rpm).
-Enemies and allies use grenades more often.
-US Paratroopers and British SAS commandos are more aggressive and accurate, so the players won't have to do everything them selves.
-Soviet troops are little more agressive and accurate (not to look down on the Soviets, but well trained and equiped elite units do things better than a waves of untrained farmers and workers with commisars' bayonets stiking from their backs).
-Some German troops are little bit more accurate.
-Allies are as mortal as the enemies.
-Bolt action rifle that are loaded with stripper clips can no longer be reloaded until there is room for 5 new rounds in the magazine.
-Sten's rate of fire redused from 600rpm to 500-450rpm.
-Fixed the Lee-Enfield No. 4, Springfield M1903 and Kar98k sniper reload sound to mach the rechambering sound.
-NPC's fire some semi-automatic weapons little faster than usual.
-Bolt action rifles and automatic weapons that fire from a closed bolt (M1911A1, Parabellum, Stg. 44, M1A1 Carbine) get +1 round more when reloading partial magazine (the one round in the chamber).
-Ability to mute all the music from the game. See installation for more info.


1.0 Features:

-New sound effects for weapons.
-New cocking and reload sound effects for bolt action rifles.
-Grenades can be cooked by holding down the mouse button.
-German M24 HE grenades have a 50% smaller damage area than the frag grenades.
-Modified some weapons names to be more accurate.
-MG42 ejects shells.
-Shells fly out of the weapons more realisticly.
-New world muzzle flashes and smoke for all weapons.
-New view muzzle flashes and smoke for all weapons.
-Since the FG42 looks like the FG42 version 2, it also acts like one now (ROF down to 600).
-Tanks now have a MG34 as the bow machinegun (MG42 was never used as a fixed machinegun on tanks).
-HUD stripped down to basic health gauge and ammo counter (planning on removing the clip counter).
-Crosshairs only on fixed guns that have no iron sights to aim through.
-No more names and ranks on the screen.
-No more failed missions due to friendly fire.
-Player gets only 4 grenades at the start of a map.

-Damages modified:
*Rifles, support weapons and machineguns kill a person with 1 shot.
*Stg. 44 and M1A1 Carbine kill a person with 1-2 shots.
*Pistols and SMGs kill a person with 1-3 shots.
*Melee damage based on the size of the weapon.

-Weapons zoom function modified:
*Pistols, SMG's, Stg. 44, support weapons and Panzerfaust have only little zoom.
*M1A1 Carbine has little more zoom.
*Rifles have even more zoom.
*Select fire weapons (Thompson, Stg. 44, Bar etc.) get a zoom bonus on semi-/slow-auto.

-Loadout's modified:
*Thompson, MP40, BAR and FG42 have 10 extra clips.
*Pistols have 4 extra clips.
*Bolt action rifles have 22 5-round stripper clips.
*M1A1 Carbine and M1 Garand have 15 extra clips.
*Stg. 44 and Bren Mk. 3 have 8 extra clips.
*PPSh-41 has 3 extra drums.


Since you can't use the compass to guide you at the begining of the boot camp move trough all the signs to pass the objective. The spot varies, but most likely its the first or the last.

The new damage works both ways, so it will take only few shots to kill you. Chargin over a field with one or two MG42's shooting at you works only in movies. In Beyond the Call of Duty you'll end up resting in pieces.


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