Call of Duty - Weapon File Editor v.6

Well another release from xXezekielXx this tool is very good for mod developers


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Well another release from xXezekielXx this tool is very good for mod developers

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Download 'codwfev.6setup.exe' (862KB)

-------------------New Stuff-------------------

New to COD WFE v.6

-COD WFE now automatically runs in a maximized window for increased 
-Included Call of Duty original Multi-Player AND Single-Player weapon files 
(located in the "Call of Duty Original Weapon Files" directory).
-Fixed glitch that rendered "Append parameter" useless. The feature now 
functions properly.
-Fixed strange glitch where the on-screen guide was displayed incorrectly 
when working with certain parameters (ex: "stance").
-Fixed glitch where some parameters couldn't be accessed for editing (ex: 

----------------End New Stuff----------------


The Call of Duty - Weapon File Editor (COD WFE) is my first attempt at 
helping the community customize their Call of Duty experience.  Whether it 
is for the individual whose aim is to create a new Single-Player feel for 
himself or the admin who wants to have just a little more control over his 
server, this program was created to make it possible for the user without 
much knowledge of the Call of Duty weapon system.

If you discover something new while experimenting on your own, just let me 
know by e-mail or instant message, and I'll try to include it in the next 
version of this program.

If you need help getting your modified weapon files into Call of Duty, 
please see the file "more_help.txt" in the "COD WFE\Resource Files" 
directory.  If you're still lost, please read the file "contact.txt" to find 
out how to contact me.

P.S: All the latest Call of Duty Multi-Player and Single-Player weapon files 
are now included!

         -Zeke Victor, (xXezekielXx)

-----------------End ReadMe-----------------

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