Canadian Mercenaries - West Coast - Server Pack

Hey there soldiers! Here is the Server Pack version of the Canadian Mercenaries Server Sound and Graphics pack! Enjoy! See ya on the fron...


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Hey there soldiers! Here is the Server Pack version of the Canadian Mercenaries Server Sound and Graphics pack! Enjoy! See ya on the front!

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Title : Canadian Mercenaries - West Coast - Server Pack 3.0
Description : Original Game Sounds / Graphics Pack
Filename :
Author : Col. Phil Bilko / Gear Worx Productions
Web Site:
Email :


* Construction *

Buildtime : 12 hours (+3 for 3.0)


* Play Information *

Game : Call Of Duty
Type : Weapon Sound / Server Admin Pack

* Installation * 

Step#1: Delete / remove any and all sound mods before you continue
(if you do not remove them this file will not work properly)

Step#2: Place the user-CDNMercs_system.pk3 into your Call Of Duty main folder
(example: C:\Program Files\Call Of Duty\Main)

Step#3: Place the cod,bmp into your Call Of Duty root directory. You will be 
asked to overwrite a file, select yes. (example: C:\Program Files\Call Of Duty)

Step#4: Place the cdnmercswallpaper.jpg file anywhere on your system. This is your
desktop wall paper and is not needed. It is just an added bonus.

Please note that if you have any other sound pack installed this will not work correctly. 
So before you install please remove all other sound pack mods.


I am glad to introduce the all new sound / server mod for Call Of Duty. I made 98% of the sounds myself and borrowed 2 from the HBO BOB sound pack (By - Double U). This time around I redid most of my sounds from my old sound pack that I released a little while back, I removed or toned down the excessive echo / reverb on most of the weapons, as I felt they were not true or fitting to that weapon. Also in 3.0 I redid the nagant sniper sound. (MUCH Better than the 1.0 or 2.0 versions) Again I added and changed pretty well all of the sounds I did before. Tweaking them making them sound a tad warmer to the ears ;) I am very happy with the out come.

I also created my own menu, ingame menu graphics and sounds, windows desktop wallpaper. All new scope skins, new Canadian Coat Of Arms compass skin, new static crosshair (3.0), new loading screen. This is for all of the canadians out there. Wait there is more. I added xxezekielxx's nade throw mod. You now have short, medium, long and nade cooking modes (switchable through secondary fire) It is amazing how helpful this mod is at getting kills ;) Also I added Canadian WW2 skins made by mah fugga, however I changed them by removing the writing on thier arms (as it is backwards in game) and added the canadian flag in their place instead. I hope you all enjoy it!

Server Information:

This pack is designed for our server (CDN Mercs - Make sure you visit our site to download the latest maps, then come join in the fun. (THIS IS THE FINAL SERVER PACK FOR COD)

Let me break down the changes and additions for ya.

Weapon Sounds Changed / Added:

Bar - Col. Phil Bilko

Luger - Col. Phil Bilko

Sten - Col. Phil Bilko

MG42 - Col. Phil Bilko

Nagant - Col. Phil Bilko (New for v3.0)

Nagant Sniper - Col. Phil Bilko (New for v3.0)

Panzerfaust - Col. Phil Bilko

Enfield (added slight echo, this is the default sound / enhanced)

Colt - Col. Phil Bilko

PPSH - Col. Phil Bilko

Thompson - Col. Phil Bilko

FG42 - Col. Phil Bilko

Kar98k - Col. Phil Bilko

Bren - Col. Phil Bilko

MP44 - Col. Phil Bilko

M1 Carbine - Col. Phil Bilko

MP40 - Col. Phil Bilko & Double U (HBO BOB Sound Pack) I removed that fuzzy shell casing sound at the end, and then enhanced and cleaned up the audio.

M1 Garand - Double U (HBO BOB Sound Pack) This is the best sounding M1 Garand around. Why mess with perfection :)

Other Sounds Changed / Added:

M1 Garand Random Shell Ejection Sounds - Col. Phil Bilko

Radio 1 Explosion - Col. Phil Bilko (New for v3.0)
Radio 2 Explosion - Col. Phil Bilko (New for v3.0)
Granade 1 Explosion - Col. Phil Bilko (New for v3.0)
Granade 2 Explosion - Col. Phil Bilko (New for v3.0)
Granade 3 Explosion - Col. Phil Bilko (New for v3.0)

Graphics & System Changed / Added:

New 2 sniper scope crosshairs
New canadian coat of arms compass skin
New menu background (New for 3.0)
New menu sounds
New ingame menu banners
New loading screen
New weapon sounds (New for v2.0 - v3.0)
New 3 static crosshairs (New for v3.0)
New Canadian Mercenaries desktop wallpaper included
New Nade throwing mod (Thanks to xxezekielxx for giving me permission) (New for v3.0)
New Canadian Skins (Thanks to mah fugger for making the only and best Canadian skins out for COD)( I removed all of the writing on the skins arms and replaced it with the Canadian flag, as text appears backwards in game on the models. I also added the Canadian flag on the backback)(New for v3.0)
New All weapon selection (This mod was based off of Christophe KERHOUSSE's weapons mod.)(I rescripted some of it due to server mod/admin issues)(New for v3.0)

*Special Thanks*

Infinity Ward - for making the BEST WW2 game to date!
Double U - for giving me permission to use his 2 sounds.
xxezekielxx - for his awesome nade throwing mod
mah fugger - for making the only true and great Canadian skins.
Christophe KERHOUSSE - for inspiring me to rewrite his All Weapon selection mod.

All of my clan m8's that got me addicted to this game. May you burn in hell.

* Permissions*

All of the original sounds remain property of Gear Worx Productions.
You MAY distribute this ZIP,PK3 in any not-for-profit electronic format (BBS, Internet,CD, etc) You must also include all files, including this readme, intact in the original archive.

* Warning - Must Read and Understand Before Use*

The author of this file accepts no responsibility for damage to data, or physical damage to hardware, caused by the appropriate or inappropriate use of this file. It is deemed that users who run this file, automatically are considered as having read and understood this liability clause before using the said file.

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