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WARNING: The following mod contains extreme amounts of blood and gore and is not recommended for players under 18 years of age.[/b...


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WARNING: The following mod contains extreme amounts of blood and gore and is not recommended for players under 18 years of age.

Here's a nastier-than-ever Merciless blood mod update, but this one is an 'unofficial' one; that is, it's not from Chris P. Don't be fooled, though! The quality is still there just as before. :P It contains many changes, fixes, and optimizations over the old Merciless, so if you played other ones and liked 'em, you ought to check out the screenshots below and download this one now! ;)

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   ____  _                 _ ________   __                   
  |  _ \| |               | |  ____\ \ / /                   
  | |_) | | ___   ___   __| | |__   \ \ /                    
  |  _ <| |/ _ \ / _ \ / _` |  __|   \ \                     
  | |_) | | (_) | (_) | (_| | |     / \ \                    
  |____/|_|\___/ \___/ \____|_|    /_/ \_\
  A Merciless Creation by Chris_P

  Additional settings, graphic updates and notes by Chris Snow


PLEASE NOTE that I (Chris Snow) have tried, unsuccessfully, to contact Chris_P at Merciless Creations and ask his permission to have this released as a possible official revision for the mod, so I have gone ahead and done it anyways.

Full credit for this mod should go to Chris_P, as all I did was changed the blood splatter graphics to make them appear more as splatters than stains, and played with the settings somewhat to reflect my personal preferences on the amount of blood that is shown.

I have updated the notes below to reflect any changes I have made.

Thanks to Chris_P and Merciless Creations for the great mod!!!

Game: Call of Duty
Mod Type: Adds enhanced blood effects to the game
Revision: 3
  ***Revision 3.1***
Compatibility: works in both single & multiplayer. Multiplayer only works on "non pure" servers. Not testedin conjunction with any other mods running simulaneously. It should work with any other mod as long as the other mod(s) don't have code to alter the blood.

***I have not tested my additional graphics and settings in Multiplayer - Chris Snow***

-Enhanced blood "puff" effect when players get hit.
 *****Puff distance/radius settings optimized - Chris Snow*****

-chunky gibs will randomly fall to the ground and leave blood stains.
 *****Gib "bounce" settings optimized - Chris Snow*****

-Blood stains and blood particles will behave accordingly to the direction of the impact

-bloodFX coded to created unique & random blood stains each time!!

New/Fixed in this version: 
-Recoded just about everyting from v2, now works 100% in multiplayer as well as single player! 

-Remade all the blood textures to make them appear much more real
 *****Blood textures look more like "splatters" now - Chris Snow*****

-Based on feedback from the 'beta' I have left the chunks in, but reduced the size,frequency and texture brightness to more match the blood stains. The chunks will now leave blood stains when they land, and they will stay for about 10 seconds or so before disappearing

Special thanks to the MPSH crew, I used some code from their blood mod. 
Thanks to Wheelie for helping me test this in multiplayer...
thanks to everyone who has helped me out by providing feedback on the 'beta' version and previous versions! 

Chris_P (C_A_P)
Merciless Creations


Once again, a heart-felt "THANK YOU" to all of the above for making this great mod possible...have fun :)

If anyone would like to contact me regarding this mod (especially Chris_P or ANYONE at Merciless Creations), feel free to email me at: [email protected]

...and please...keep the flames to a minimum lol.


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