Clan Balancing Utility

Here's a cool utility that forces clan members onto one team in a multiplayer server. Thanks to Synman. Enjoy!


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Here's a cool utility that forces clan members onto one team in a multiplayer server. Thanks to Synman. Enjoy!

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Synman's Clan Balancing Mod for Call of Duty 1.1 - December 2003

Installation Instructions
1.  Place syn_clanbalance.pk3 in your ./call of duty/main folder
2.  Set the syn_clanname and syn_clanteam cvars
3.  map_rotate

Info about the Mod
I think it worked out nicely, but it is limited and hackable so
be mindful of imposters.  Perhaps after IW releases the SDK and
some documentation I can lock it down a little more, but this
is way better than having to direct all non-clan ppl to 
specific teams and eventually having to kick them when they 
don't listen.

The packed CoD scripts are from the 1.1 release of the game.
If you have a newer version of CoD or if you have other mods 
using maps/mp/gametypes/sd.gsc, maps/mp/gametypes/tdm.gsc, 
or maps/mp/gametypes/re.gsc you will have to merge this mod 
which is a fairly simple task.  Simply do a search for "syn"
and be sure to include the string parsing functions added to 
the end of the script.

I also have a version of the mod with the Official OGL Match
Patch that addresses killcam (g_iokillcam) and spectate 
(g_ioteamspec) issues in the 1.1 release of CoD.  Because I 
have not gotten permission from the author of the mod to 
include his functionality in my patch, I am hesitant to 
release it to the public.
syn_clanname "insert your clan tag here"
syn_clanteam "axis", "allies", or ""

Sample Usage
Clan Name: =8THID= (Assumes all clan members prefix their name
                    with the text =8THID=)

Clan wants to be: Allies

>set syn_clanname "=8THID="
>set syn_clanteam "allies"

syn_clanname "insert your clan tag here" causes the mod to 
validate player nicknames by comparing the root of their name to
the value contained in the cvar.  If the root of the player name
does not match the value of syn_clanname then that player will go
to the opposite of the team defined in syn_clanteam.
syn_clanteam allows us to decide which side we wish to play on.  
Its value can be "allies", "axis", or "".
The team assignment restrictions only apply to players whose root 
name does not match syn_clanname.  Ultimately, all players whose
name begins with syn_clanname are free to choose whichever side 
they wish to play on.
To disable Clan balancing simply set syn_clanteam to "".

Do not worry about embedded color codes.  The mod strips out all
color codes while determining if the root of a player's name 
matches syn_clanname.

A couple general purpose functions were copied from the CoDaM_V0.4
mod.  Concept was inspired by teamplay on the =8THID= Clan Public 
server  I can be found there or at #callofduty.

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