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Here's the latest version of the ClanCon tool, which now features more usability and applicability than ever before! It allows server admins to register in clan members or any other player to be able to warn, kick, ban, and do pretty much anything else on their servers. They can customize the level of power for each user put into the system, so you don't have to worry about trust issues. ;) It's got much more than that, though, including a wonderfully easy and appealing interface, so read the list of features below, check out the screenshot, and download this excellent utility now! :thumbsup:

  • Change maps/gametypes
  • Rotate games
  • Warn/kick/ban players
  • Send console messages
  • Execute RCON commands
  • Run RCON "macros"
  • and much more!


ClanCon 2.1 - FREEWARE - Client Installation

For: Call of Duty, Call of Duty United Offensive, and Call of Duty 2

Release 2.1r4 (21Dec05)

What is ClanCon?
ClanCon is a system run from the site www.ClanCon.com which allows all members of a clan to admin their game servers.

Once the clan leader has registered the clan with www.ClanCon.com and performed a few simple steps to register game servers and clan members, any member of the clan can use this software to perform admin tasks such as warning/kicking/banning players, changing maps/gametypes, or even more in depth admin tasks.

The clan leader is able to define exactly what level of control each clan member has over the server!

For more information please visit www.ClanCon.com

About this Software
This software is the end-user client component of ClanCon.  It provides a simple to use, skinnable interface, to all the RCON commands typically used for adminning a game server.

This software does require that the user have a (free) account at www.ClanCon.com so that it can retrieve the correct admin information.

Open the ZIP file and click the setup executable file.
Follow the instructions provided during the setup process.

This software may be redistributed in its original form (Zipped executable setup file) according to the terms of the EULA displayed during the setup process.

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