CoD AM/GE Weapons Balance

This small mod balances the American and German weapons for CODMP.


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This small mod balances the American and German weapons for CODMP.

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COD Weapon balance for GER & US sides
Tested fine with 1.5 patch, should work with any version
Does NOT work with united offensive

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Version 1.0
This file balance all the weapons for GER & US army in multiplayer mode. 
So no more complains about weaker side !

Switch from so called 'primary' to 'secondary' by pressing 'M' (or your full auto / semi auto key)
'secondary' weapons have the same bullet amount & clip size as the 'primary' ones

Now, being US or GER, here is what you get :

- ask for the rifle and you'll get :
primary : english rifle (partial reload allowed, 10 bullets ammo clip)
(I might change for the GER rifle in next version, more people like it)
secondary : Garand M1A1 automatic

- ask for a heavy machine gun and you get : 
primary : BAR
secondary : BREN

- ask for a snipe and you get :
primary : your side usual snipe
secondary : FG42 (in semi-auto mode)

I hope this will suit your taste. If not feel free to improve it ;)

Installation :

Copy the file 'weapons_balance_v1.0.pk3' file in then 'main' folder of the game.
Uninstall : delete the 'weapons_balance_v1.0.pk3' from your 'main' folder.

Thanks to :

Christophe KERHOUSSE
[email protected]
for his zzCK-equilibre-Armes mod I used to understand the weapon managing system

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