CoD and CoDUO Bots



Here's the third and final mod by SuMMo for today, this one also for regular Call of Duty (CoDUO supported as well). As the name indiciates, the mod will supply you with a steady stream of multi-player bots for testing purposes, as in the case of a skin or other player-affecting mod. Don't download these suckers to fight, though, because you'll soon get bored with their lack of enthusiasm. :P Check out the screenshots to get an idea of what I mean, and if you can find some other use for the bots, grab this little mod now!




Bots for CoD & UO
SuMMo aka Uber'No0b!e

So you made a new Mod or Skin and want to see what it looks like before you release it to the public ?

Well then this is for you.

What this does is place 25 (can have upto 64 - See bots.cfg) bots on your server.
Bots only work on Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch.

All they will do is walk in a line firing their weapons.
Rubbish for gameplay, but ok for testing out new skins or mods.

Instructions :-

Place zZz_UO_Bots.pk3 & bots.cfg into your UO folder or Mod folder if testing a mod.

Start up your server normally.
Select the map you want and load it up.
Once the map as loaded open the console and type /exec bots.cfg

This will then restart your map.
PB will be disabled and the bots will join a team.

When the map is finshed you will need to disconnect from your server and restart it as for some reason the bots only work on the first map.

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