CoD and CoDUO Super AI Loadout



Here's an udpate to Broadus's Super Friendly AI Loadout, which now does away with the "Friendly" and offers the AI advantages to the enemies as well. ;) Furthermore, it's got more new features, such as adding a ridiculous amount of bravery to the AI soldiers -- this way, you won't always be the foolish one leading the charge! :P And of course, the same old features like 99 grenades, Panzerfausts, etc. are still there. Anyway, this mod will definitely change the way your SP game works and will most certainly provide for loads of entertainment and amusement, so check out the screenshots below, and download it now! :thumbsup:



Call of Duty and United Offensive Super AI Loadout

SP_COD/UO_superailoadout makes the AI in Call of Duty and optionally United Offensive more effective. Every character gets
99 grenades, and 99 bravery. Every character has also been given a pistol as a secondary weapon. The Americans and
British have colts and the Russians and Germans have lugers. Rest assured, AI do not throw too many grenades (they don't
throw them very often). Also, they won't decide that their pistols are more useful than their rifles or submachine guns. When
an AI has fired an entire clip/magazine but still has an enemy in sight, rather than reloading, he will pull out his pistol
and fire it. If he kills his target, he will then put away the pistol and reload his primary weapon. I don't know if the AI
will keep using and reloading their pistols if they fire off an entire clip before they kill their target.
SP_COD/UO_superaipanzerfaust gives AI 99 grenades and higher bravery but, rather than having their normal weapons and
pistols, they all have panzerfausts as their primary weapon and normal weapons as their secondary weapon. They never drop the
panzerfausts on death. Once an AI has fired his panzerfaust, he will simply use his normal weapon (but he will not have a
pistol). Also, allies with panzerfausts (or pistols), when highlighted, will show their name but not a title like Rifleman or
Support Gunner. Remember that if you have any other files that modify AI (they would be in a folder called aitype inside a
.pk3) then those files or the Super AI Loadout files may not function in-game. Also, if you have all eight .pk3s out at once
(four in Main and four in uo), only the Panzerfaust .pk3s will work, so put either the loadout or panzerfaust .pk3s in a
seperate directory so you can switch them out later.

These screenshots are only of the panzerfaust .pk3s because I couldn't catch anyone using their pistols or throwing
grenades, but it's plenty easy to catch them holding panzerfausts.
PFS1 - An example of the lack of a title under the American's name, and three Americans holding panzerfausts.
PFS2 - You look me straight in the eye and tell me that is not the coolest-looking German you've ever seen in your life.
PFS3 - Here are some Germans with panzerfausts.
PFS4 - A picture of a conscript carrying a panzerfaust. That's more than they could ever wish for!
PFS5 - The sniper of the Stalingrad level near the end. I was testing to see if the level could be beaten when he wasn't
using a sniper rifle. He would kill things, but the sound of him shooting wouldn't play and he never actually fired the
panzerfaust. What he says is kind of funny, too, seeing as how he's holding a weapon that only fires once. When playing
Stalingrad, you might have to wait a few seconds for him to follow you when he supposedly kills the machine gunners. Since
he's holding a panzerfaust, he doesn't actually kill them, so they keep firing and he waits for them to stop.
PFS6 - This is a picture in United Offensive of some Russians in a truck holding panzerfausts.

INSTALLATION (Not all .pk3s are required.)
Extract SP_COD_superfriendlyailoadout.pk3 into your Main folder inside of your Call of Duty directory.
Extract SP_COD_superenemyailoadout.pk3 into your Main folder inside of your Call of Duty directory.
Extract SP_UO_superfriendlyailoadout.pk3 into your uo folder inside of your Call of Duty directory.
Extract SP_UO_superenemyailoadout.pk3 into your uo folder inside of your Call of Duty directory.
Alternatively, if you want the version which gives allies panzerfausts as their primary weapon...
Extract SP_COD_superfriendlyaipanzerfaust.pk3 into your Main folder inside of your Call of Duty directory.
Extract SP_COD_superenemyaipanzerfaust.pk3 into your Main folder inside of your Call of Duty directory.
Extract SP_UO_superfriendlyaipanzerfaust.pk3 into your uo folder inside of your Call of Duty directory.
Extract SP_UO_superenemyaipanzerfaust.pk3 into your uo folder inside of your Call of Duty directory.

Remember that the changes made by Super AI Loadout will not take effect if you load a saved game. You will have to start a
new game or reload the map by opening the console and typing map mapname, replacing mapname with the
name of the map you'd like to play. If you don't know the name of the map you want to play, look at the name of your save
files. They have the exact names of the map they're for. For example, if you want to play Burnville, just type
map burnville into the console and it will load the map and Super AI Loadout will go into effect so you'll notice that the AI
will actually throw grenades (when appropriate) and on rare occasion you'll catch them firing their pistols.

I'd like to make allies optionally invincible. However, changing the health doesn't affect the actual health of the AI at
all in-game. Whether or not their health is set to 0, 1 or 999999, they simply have their default health no matter what and
I have no idea how to change it. If you check the .GSCs, you'll notice that the health of the allies is set to 999999999.
That would be because I was trying to test invincibility, but was too lazy to change it back to 350 (the default health).

You may use, modify and distribute these files at your leisure. It's not like they took any REAL work for me to modify.

E-Mail : [email protected]     Contact me if there are any problems, or if you know how to make allies invincible.

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