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Here's a great new tool for all the auto-downloading clients who need to get their CoD, CoDUO, and CoD2 folders cleaned up. Hooligan bring...


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Here's a great new tool for all the auto-downloading clients who need to get their CoD, CoDUO, and CoD2 folders cleaned up. Hooligan brings us the single solution to the problem of all three games in the form of CoD Cleaner, which moves the extraneous files out of the games' main folders and out of your way. :) Pick up your copy now, and clean your CoD game folders today!


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CoD Cleaner v2.1

Author   : Hooligan
Date     : 22nd September 2007

Licence  : Freeware (CodClean_v2.1.exe must be shipped with this readme.txt file)

Supports : Windows XP (Fully tested on XP only)
           Call of Duty     upto Version 1.5
           United Offensive upto Version 1.51
           Call of Duty 2   upto Version 1.3

Change History
Ver	: Date		: Description
1.0     : 05/05/07	: Initial release
2.0	: 21/09/07	: Added support for Call of Duty 2
			  Added explorer support. Allows you to know open windows
			  explorer from the application and view the moved files.
			  Fixed tooltips with misleading information
2.1 	: 22/09/07	: Added UO Map Pack support and changed main form properties


Change Details: Version 2.1

  - Support for Call of Duty 2 upto version 1.3
  - Official UO Map Pack Support.
    If United Offensive is installed it now checks to see if you have any Official
    map packs. If it finds any then an option is enabled in the file menu that
    allows you to tell cod cleaner wether to remove or keep the UO packs. Checked
    means it will leave the map packs were they are, unchecked will remove them
    when you hit the clean button, when you first launch the App the default is to
    keep the file(s) and not move them when cleaning.
  - Windows Explorer support.
    Clicking on the Status bar after a move (Clean) has been completed will open 
    windows explorer in the folder where the files have been moved to. (only works
    after a move has been completed). Once you select another game type then the 
    option is removed and the click will not work.
  - Tidied up the Main form tooltips. False information displayed to the user.

Cod Cleaner Is provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind.

In no event shall we be liable to you or any third parties for any special, 
punitive, incidental, indirect or consequential damages of any kind, or any 
damages whatsoever, including, without limitation, those resulting from loss 
of use,  whether or not the developer has been advised of the possibility of 
such damages, and on any theory of liability, arising out of or in connection 
with the use of this software.

The use of the software downloaded through this site is done at your own 
discretion and risk and with agreement that you will be solely responsible for 
any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from such 
activities. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by you 
from this website or from the any 3rd party web site shall create any warranty 
for the software.

You therefore accept all responsibilty for using Cod Cleaner.

Run CodClean.exe

Cod Cleaner will automatically know if you have CoD, UO or CoD2 installed and
will display this in the Game Found frame.

3 checkboxes are supplied, click the check box for the game you want to remove
the alien files from. A list of Alien files will be listed. Just hit the clean
button and it will move them to a backup folder. Once complete the status bar
will tell you where the files were placed. 


If when you select the check boxes for game type the list remians empty then
you do not have any alien files in your Main or UO folders.

Why would you use this?
There are a couple of reasons why I built this.

1) There are plenty of utilities out there that claim to clean your folder
but corrupted your Call of Duty installs.The main reason this was a problem 
is that it deleted the files from your Call of Duty folders. 

Cod Cleaner is different, it does not delete the alien files but moves the 
files to your Call of Duty\Main\<moved files> or Call of Duty\UO\<moved files> 
folders. This means you are able to restore the files manually at any time.

2) Users were getting &quot;Unpure client. Invalid PK3 / IWD&quot; messages when connecting 
to servers and did not know how to clean their folders to allow them to connect
to the game servers.

3) Users were getting funny messages, like Uninitialised variables or dead entity
messages. Again this could be due to other mods and maps that are not stock.

4) Users didnt know how to restore their MAIN and UO folders to stock.

CoD Cleaner once loaded finds the install path for Call of Duty. It then checks 
the files in your Main and UO folders. It will know what is Alien and what is
classed as a stock pk3 / iwd due to search parameters and identifies what is stock 
and what is not.

It will then list the files for you.

Clicking the &quot;Clean&quot; button will move the files to a backup folder just in case 
you decide you still want them. Once the clean has finished keep an eye on the 
status bar at the bottom it will tell you where the files have been moved to.

The backup folders that Cod Cleaner creates are as follows:

The backup folder naming conventions are created usign the system date and time.
For example, if I run the clean on the 5th May 2007 at 11:30:25 then the folder
would be created as:


These folders are created in your Call of Duty\Main, Call of Duty\UO or Call of 
Duty 2\Main folders depending on the game you are cleaning.

This allows you to move the files back manually if you have a problem. (Cod Cleaner
does not have the functionality yet to do this for you).

Thats it, very simple and easy to use.

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