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Here's the second version of Zid's CoD- and CoDUO-compatible mod that adds more victory and death quotes to the respective games. This up...


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Here's the second version of Zid's CoD- and CoDUO-compatible mod that adds more victory and death quotes to the respective games. This update features a total of 63 victory quotes, double the original number, and 166 death quotes, four times the original. Download it now and expand the vocabulary of your CoD games! :P


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Quotes v. 2 - Mod for Call of Duty/Call of Duty: United Offensive


Created by: Zid




This is basically just adding more quotes in after the player's death or victory.

Version 2.0

I'll let the numbers tell you.

	No. of quotes for CoD & CoDUO:

	Victory = 63 (Nearly doubled that of the original amount, which was 37)
	Death = 166 (4x the original = 41, and almost tripled my first file = 64)

Version 1.0

I added 23 more dead quotes, and they're all from Call of Duty 2. I also added in one victory quote (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) that's supposed to be there, but the developers forgot to add it in the quote execution script.


Legal Agreement:

Copyright belongs to Infinity Ward and such related companies that helped created Call of Duty & United Offensive. However, I don't mind distributing this mod. Just remember to include credits to me.

As for the quotes of this update, I found them off of:
The Pocket Book of Quotations
From history teachers, textbooks, two museums, and random findings 

I have a quote or two from Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, so don't be offended if you see them. To me, it's unfair to include Joseph Stalin and not the two Facist leaders.



	For Call of Duty -

		After extracting, place [CoD_Quotes_v2.pk3] in your Call of Duty/Main folder.

	For Call of Duty: United Offensive -
		After extracting, place [CoD_Quotes_v2.pk3] in your Call of Duty/Main folder, AND THEN, place [CoDUO_Quotes_v2.pk3] in your Call of Duty/uo folder.


		Delete the mod from your Call of Duty/Main folder (plus the uo folder too if you installed for United Offensive).


Known Problems:

I buggered on inputting a quote or two, so V. 1 may have references showing up instead of the quote itself. I fixed that, and used the copy and pasting method instead of typing the whole thing out. There shouldn't be any problems now dealing with that.

Other than that, this little mod should be 100% compatible with virtually any mods, unless of course somebody made another quote mod and then you either won't see any of the quotes, or the game won't be able to run anything properly.

Again, I cannot provide screenshots. The screenshot function in the game won't run when it's in menu mode, and so far I can't find my OS (Windows XP) screenshot function either. If anybody can help me with that, it would be greatly appreciated.



*To Infinity Ward for not only making a great series, but for using quotes instead of a useless (in my point of view) stats screen that Medal of Honor uses.

*To some online FPS buddies, for their WWII fanaticism.

*To my little sister, for being able to put up with the last stage of this mod (even though it took about an hour or so to compile everything).

*To Mr. Hinson, one of my favorite history teacher.

*To every modder who focuses on the little details of a game instead of big changes. Even little changes can make a large difference in gaming.

This is likely the last release for this mod, since there are only so much of historic quotes. I plan to insert quotes in multiplayer, but so far it's not faring nicely. But, as far as modding goes, I guess nothing is impossible.

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