CoD Rockets Mod



Urded has produced this little multi-player mod for regular CoD that transforms gameplay into what he calls a "rocket fest." :P When playing this mod, you'll be given nothing but Panzerfausts and grenades, and you'll have no choice but to use them. ;) With that in mind, download Urded's CoD Rockets Mod if you're in for a terrific new twist on same-old, same-old CoDMP gameplay! :)




Rockets Mod by Urded for COD v1.5 MP

This a small mod (50kb) that turns COD MP into a rocket fest. You only get the Panzerfaust and nades for weapons. Pistols have 0 ammo. The mg42"s that are on stock maps are still active. Panzerfaust ammo is 99. There is a config file for running a server.

Unzip and copy "rockets" folder into COD folder, not main. If you run this on a dedicated server clients will have to have downloads on. If they don't they might be able to join the server but not join the game. Of course if they have the mod they are all set. This mod may work just by copying the "zzz_rockets.pk3 file into the main folder although I haven't tested it that way.

email: [email protected]
webpage: http://urdedgamers.filefront.com

This mod was made for fun and done in spare time. Do what you like with it, if you use any or all of it gimmee some credit. Other mods by Urded can be found on the webpage above or at:  http://callofduty.filefront.com/      ;-)

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