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Apparently, this is a tool that enables clans to locate other clans looking to scrim. I don't have a way to test it, but if it works, this could prove to be very useful for some of the more active clans out there... go ahead, download it now and comment. :)




Thanks for trying out CoD Scrimmer! Remember, it's success will depend on distributation, so tell your friends (and especially your enemies) about it! The more people using CoD Scrimmer, the easier it will be for you guys to find scrims!

It's easy to use.. simply run CodScrimmer.exe, it will automatically log you into the server and update the list of posts. The first time you run Cod Scrimmer, you should take a moment and hit the 'Your Info' button and enter your contact information. This is not a neccessary step, but doing so will automatically fill in your posts with your contact info, saving you a little time. After that, you can either browse the posts, or put up your own post. Remember, posts expire after 15 minutes (this may alter slightly), that way there isn't alot of old posts from clans that have already found a scrim. 1 minute before your post expires, you will be asked if you want your post automatically reposted! -that is, only if you are still logged on to the server. If you like, you can run Cod Scrimmer, put up a post, and then shut it down.. your post will not be deleted. That's all folks! Happy scrimming!
If this works out nearly as well as I hope it does, keep your eyes open for updates!  And by all means, send your thoughts and ideas to [email protected]! 
Thanks again!


****Update Changes****

	- Fixed a problem with connecting to the server.
	- Fixed a problem with connecting to the server.
	- Redid the graphics
	- Added Chat
	- Added IRC links

    phil & hellraiser, thanks for your ideas!
  Jim from CallofDutyElement.com
  my Mom

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