CoD SWAT Mod Final Fixes



Click here for the German-localized version of this file. Here's an interesting little fix for the final version of the SWAT Mod for regular Call of Duty. This simply makes some changes to the menus for convenience and appearance, as well as a few general fixes to suppress past bugs and exploits. Check out the ReadMe below for the full scoop, and if you're into the CoD SWAT Mod, make sure you pick up this nice pack of fixes. :thumbsup:




Call of Duty TM: SWAT Modification ©2006 
Edited by (+)zero aka Brian Goff
[email protected] [email protected]


Fix-file for SWAT-MOD FINAL
by [OL]YODA 
Published with permission from J. L. aka oraco

Call of Duty TM - Version 1.5

There should be NO OTHER MODs installed!

This MOD does NOT WORK with the German fix for SWAT FINAL!



The InGame-menu for choosing teams and weapons has been re-adjusted.

The names of the weapons are now nearly all corrected, both in menu and

The map-names are corrected and sorted as well.

The stock maps Brecourt, Carentan, Neuville, Stalingrad and Tigertown 
are now playable in SWAT, too, but only available for the gametypes
sdm, stdm, ssd, hm und ta.

You can choose the gametype te, but a client can use an exploit to crash the server 
very easy and fast. This affects all stock maps, so I removed te for this maps from 
the InGame-menu. (This bug does work on SWAT-maps, too, so be careful!)
(If panzershreks and FG42s are activated the originial panzershreks and the original FG42 
will be available on this maps.)
The gametypes money and escort will DEFINITELY NOT WORK!
(No cases and no escape points buildt in.)

The InGame-allocation of some maps was wrong, has been fixed, too.



Extract the file zzz_swatfinal_eng_fix.pk3 in your SWAT-folder, e. g.:
C:\Programm Files\Call of Duty\swatfinal

The file should not be renamed to ensure that it will be loaded at last!!!

The file is necessary for server and for client!
If your server allows downloads and the client does, too, the file will be downloaded automatically
if needed by client.

Have fun and good hunting! ;)


Use at your own risk!

This file may be given to anyone and offered to download as long this ReadMe ist not changed or deleted and
the fix is not use for business application.

all other points of the official licence arrangement of Activision Inc. are  effective without any limitation!

This modofication is not buildt or supported by Activision Inc., 3100 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica, California 90404.

Created by T. K. aka [OL]YODA ©2007
Contact through forum at www.opferlamm-clan.de

Thanks to [OL]Dengar & [OL]SNOOPY for testing!

Credit goes to the developer of SWAT MOD!!!
(+)zero aka Brian Goff
[email protected] 
[email protected]

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