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Here's a cool mod from NewfieCrash titled 'C5 Mod'. Basically this is a combination of the Rifles Mod v2, OpenWarefare Mod, and the CoD2 Rifles Mod for CoD4, but all ported to Call of Duty: World At War. There are so many features included in this mod, it's hard to describe them all. Take a look at the read-me for a full list of features. Check out the screenies, and if you like the idea, or just want to try it out, download this now! :D




// Call of Duty 5 – C5 M0D – Crash’s Bolts Only Mod for COD:W@W
// author : NewfieCrash
//research & testing: The-Cleaner
//Crash Test Dummy and Live Target: The Shadow
// email : [email protected]
// mod : C5
// version : 1.0
// update : Feb 27/09

This mod is a combination of script from various places. Based on the Rifles Mod v2, OpenWarfare Mod and script from the [LFNY} COD2 Rifles Mod for COD4, which was based on X4, by Joker. Also, A big thx to The Company and Buster for releasing the enhanced weapons files…C5 uses the enhanced realism and sound setups. Thanks also goes out to basheduwithaflopus for starting the ball rolling with his Rifles Only Mod.

Added Feb 26/09

- Anti Camp function(configurable)
- Spawn Protection Messages now movable….either center of screen or lower left
- Ability to set hardpoints to be lost upon death (configurable)
- Onscreen XP points now on/off.
- Players Connecting/Disconnecting Announcement on/off

Added Feb 21/09

- Due to the nature of the mod and game, and the fact that this mod is destined for tactical servers, the Anti-Run has been introduced and is fully configurable
- Enhanced Obituaries(configurable)
- Kill Streak Sound Announcements(configurable)
- Random Map Rotation(configurable)
- Random weapon dropping when shot in hands or arms (configurable)
- Random player dropping to prone or crouch when shot in foot or leg(configurable)
- Anti Bunny Hop and Anti Dive (configurable)
- Custom Blood Splatters added to hud effects when shot, knifed, headshot and wounded.
- Hardpoints now fully configurable (Radar, Artie, and dogs)
- UPDATED: - Red Enemy Blips on Radar have been removed – now configurable
- Forced Auto Assign now available (configurable)
- Forced Crouch in Spawn Control(configurable)
- All weapons have new sounds and enhanced model effects.
- New Custom Knife…blood added to knife for looks..
- Next map name & Gametype message added to hud
- Because some of the new custom maps have turrets, server owners have option to now remove them.
- Added option to sink bodies (configurable)
- Option for server admins to switch between bayonets or knives

Added Feb 9/09

- First Blood Messages and Sound
- Head shot sounds and messages
- Pain and death sounds
- Added new map to RCON
- New Custom {LFNY} Bolts Only Logo (Beta Version)
- New On Screen effects….Blood
- Added new map special FX
- Added Forced Auto Assign
- Disabled Hit Icons – when you shoot someone you see the crosshairs when you hit them

Added Feb 03/09

- Added custom Map Effects....maps now crisper, more pronounced, better fire fx, smoke fx, explosions, etc.

- Custom Maploading Info...now shows Hostname(server name), Mod Name and Mod Version. Also has a little message asking that players joining the server read and understand server rules when they get to the Server Info Screen.(not configuable)

- Compass made smaller(not configurable)

-Minimap taken out of compass....still shows friendly's, but is now clear so you can see through that corner of hud(not configurable)

Effects to be added soon.....:

- Custom {LFNY} Bolts Only Logo

Added Jan 31/09

- New server message setup….same as before, but allows for more messages and more controls.

- New message bar containing server name, mod version and website….also configurable

- Cleaned up HUD by decreasing the size and colors of the following: (not configurable)
1. Ammo counters all coloured and reduced in size
2. Score bars in bottom left corner
3. added color to all counters and clocks
4. smoke and nade icons moved and made smaller

Added Jan 29/05

- Invisible Spawn Protection now available

- New Custom Built in RCON – requires users have RCON Login Pass

- New custom spawn avatar – using talk avatar by {LFNY} Ratman

- Added Health Bar to mod

Added Jan 5/09

- Weapon damages set so now you don't have to shoot multiple times to kill, yet it is not a one shot kill to lower torso or extremities(with max health at 100%)

- Spawn Protection with weapon disabled...if a player tries to get their weapon early by firing or using the use key etc, they will lose weapon for an extra 3 seconds.

- Spawn Protection, while spawn protected, if shot at, the attacker will see the Spawn Protection Shield in the center of the screen..adding a message to it later....and protected player is able to move out of harms way.

- Server Welcome Screen with Server Info (rules). This is edittable in the messages.cfg. Player has to read server info (rules)and Accept to enter Server or if they decline they will exit server..

- Pistols as a secondary weapon are enabled, but only have 3-5 round clips. This prevents players from using them as primaries, as they will run out of ammo quicker.

- All server messages are now in the bottom left corner

- On death the black screen is back, so no more of spectating when dead to see where everyone has gone.

- New Admin Tools....let's just say, rules offenders will have something cute thrown at them...Instructions in the Install Instructions Document.

- Puppies......one of the biggest complaints heard around has been when the dogs are called and you spawn you die as you appear, not anymore. Spawn protection will protect you, but as soon as it is gone you can die, so hopefully by that time your team mates will have dogs killed, or they will be gone. Take the 6 seconds to get away and prepare to defend your self...

- Red Enemy Blips on Radar have been removed

- Death Icons removable

- Enemy Names removable

- Friendly Names Removable

- Crosshairs removable

- Perks....by default only 2 perks needed for bolts...Stopping Power and Deep Impact.

- Lastly, we now have have our own {LFNY} Ratman's Type avatar put in the mod...

Many thanks to {LFNY} The-Cleaner, {LFNY} TheShadow, {LFNY}DutchRat, {LFNY}Sgt.Powers, {LFNY}Time, and TommyD99 for helping with the many, many tests that had to be done to get this done. Special thanks to {LFNY}The-Cleaner and {LFNY}TheShadow for having to listen to my constant talking to myself and cussing while trying to get script to work... 8-) 8-) . If anyone experiences any issues with the mod, please contact me.

A BIG BIG Thanks to the man....{PST} Joker.....for all the tips, tweaks, tricks, etc etc etc....he has helped me with this past year in COD4 and COD5....Thanks M8!!

////////////////////////// Credits for Rifles Mod v 2 /////////////////////////////////////

Rifles mod v2.0
This is a mod that replaces the normal menu with a menu that only has the options for four bolt rifles. This mod focuses on the skill of the players forcing them to shoot rather then spray and pray. The player has the option of using either a bayoneted rifle or a scoped rifle. This also includes all rifles spiced up to kill in one hit, The player can also choose which perks he wishes to have from a list of nonexplosive perks.

To install, place all files in your selected mod folder (subdirectory mods/(folder name) ). In your command startup line, add the following commands +set fs_game mods/(folder name) +set fs_localappdata (your servers directory)
The directory could be anything from c:/servers/waffles/server1 if you are unable to find the directory, contact the support of your server hoster.
*Expirenced Users Only* To Remove one hit kill rifles, open mp_riflesmod.iwd and navigate to weapons/mp and delete all the files in there

Admin Tools
Spiced up rifles
Bolt rifles only
Perk Selection
Always Gib
Afk checker
Perk selection.
Throwing knives
Welcome messages
Server messages
Jump height modifier
Fall damage modifier
Knife (or bayonet) only mode
Bikes for players who reach a certain rank predetermined by admin in config

Special thanks:
Mr. Michigan for helping beta test
Tdi Clan
All the beta testers

Feel free to use this mod for whatever you feel like, just give me credit.

Questions? Feedback? Concerns? Contact me through xfire at: basheduwithaflopus

///////////////////////// Openwarfare Mod ////////////////////////////

The OpenWarfare Project
An Open Source mod for Call of Duty 5: World at War
Website: http://openwarfaremod.com/

OpenWarfare team members (in alphabetical order):
* BionicNipple (Developer)
* CoDEmanX (German translations)
* Exte (Spanish translations)
* FineWolf (Developer)
* Jinxter (Developer)
* KiLlA (German translations)
* Lepko (Developer)
* Major.Angel (Developer)
* ONeil (Croatian translations)
* PARA-Lush (Support)
* Pluumsjen (German translations)
* Reaven (Spanish translations)
* Redien (Developer)
* Ski (Support)
* Spacepig (Developer)
* t3chn0r (Developer)
* Trax (French translations)
* Wabbit (Developer)

Thank you all!
The OpenWarfare Project Team


///////////////////Crosshairs, names...courtesy of Marc......ACE//////////////// Thx M8!!

Thanks to all you brilliant modders out there who put the time and effort into mod creation so everyone can enjoy a little something different from the game out of the box.

Happy Gaming All!!

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