CoD:WaW: Ferry's Scopes V1

Here is a sweet pack from Ferry, but these aren't character skins. This time they are new scopes for Call of Duty: World At War!! These four...


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Here is a sweet pack from Ferry, but these aren't character skins. This time they are new scopes for Call of Duty: World At War!! These four slightly resemble the UO scopes, but nevertheless they look great in our latest CoD game. Not only do they feature dirt, finger prints, and the like, with Ferry you know you've got high quality "from scratch" skins!

Check out the screenies and download this now! :thumbsup: :beer:


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Download '' (2.37MB)

-------------------------FERRY'S COD:WAW SCOPES V.1--------------------------------

 Another thing that I love to modify of COD are the scopes.
 This skinpack includes 4 new designs.I added a new background with detailed 
 metal textures, dirt layers, glass FX's and even you'll find some finger prints!!
 The result is very similar to the COD:United Offensive scopes that 
 personally I love.(best scopes ever!)
 The screens don't make justice to the "real experience", so check it out by yourself
 these scopes in action!


-Mod done it from scratch
-Glass FX
-Detailed metal textures
-Dirt layers
-Glass brightness FX
-Finger prints
-New reticle for the russian scope
-Improved the Arisaka and Ptrs-41 reticles


Create a new "Mods" folder in your C:Documents and Settings(YourUserName)Local SettingsApplication DataActivisionCoDWaWMods 
and extract the folder from the zip file there.

Example(In my case)-C:Documents and SettingsferryLocal SettingsApplication DataActivisionCoDWaWModsFerry_scopes

The Documents and Settings folder may be hidden, if so choose folder options under tools, under the view tab, 
select "Show Hidden Files and Folders".

Ensure you have the latest patch: codwaw1.0.1017patch.

Launch the game, and select the mod from the Mod list, then start any level.


If some day you're bored and you don't know what to do, try to visit my personal blog. You'll find
a bunch of stuff to see related with personal projects that I completed during my student period.
Also you can download the Agedya demo for PC:a game developed by me and 4 friends more during 
my last student year.(Final University Project).
It's an action game like Tomb Raider in third person where you'll find cool graphics and great adventures.
Please play it!!

The game only works under Windows Vista 34 bit and Windows XP.These are the minimum specs to run the game properly:
-Core 2 Duo E6400
-Nvidia Geforce 8600 or better(The game only works with Nvidia GPU's)
-2 GB OF RAM are strongly recomened

Here's the link to my blog:
And the Agedya download link:


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