CoD Weapons Mod (exe)

Here's a rather large weapons mod for you folks looking for a new sort of game! The installer is in .exe format though, so don't waste ou...

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File Description

Here's a rather large weapons mod for you folks looking for a new sort of game! The installer is in .exe format though, so don't waste our bandwith if your computer won't run it. If it will, then download the mod and give it a go! :D

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Click on the installer.

Click on "Uninstall" into CoD_WM_V2.1/2.1b folder.

-How to play:
1) Click on "CoDMP.exe".
2) Click on "Mod".
3) Click on "CoD_Weapons_MOD_V2.1/2.1b"
4) Click on "Run" (I don't know if it is "Run" because I am Italian and I' ve got the italian version :-D)
5) Join or Create a server :-P

-**How to create a server**:
Name your server as: "Server Name CoD Weapons MOD V2.1/2.1b" so the client (the player) can allow Auto Download and enter.
Now set up the server :-P

-How to join:
Find a CoD Weapons MOD **V2.1b** (V2.1 or V2.1b ONLY!) server (I use The All-Seeing Eye)

-New features:
I added a new gametype: Capture The Flag (a beer bottle, eheheh).
The CTF is compatible with all maps.
Objectives: Capture the enemy's beer bottle and return in your base :-P
I added too blood, by Chris_P (Merciless Creations,

-New skins:
M1 Garand: Miles_
Mosin Nagant,Springfield, PPSH & MP40: Apocalypse (
Kar 98k: T.Hunter & xXezekielXx

-New sounds:
New reload sound for all rifles.
The PPSH 41 now has a new fire sound.

If you want to create a server, please read "How to create a server".

-My e-mail: (for questions, etc...) :-P

I think that this is the best mod ever!! Eheheheh :-D

-Programs used:
Skins: Photoshop 6.0 with .DDS plug-in
Modified weapons: CoD Weapons File Editor
Installer: AWinstall
Scripts: My keyboard, my mouse and my brain :-[ 

Mod's Author: Me, SnipY AleX (SoldatoAlex in FileFront)
Grenades skins (Stielhandgranate, M2, RGD-33, MK1): Me
Explosions effect: Me
PPSH sound: Me
CTF gametype: Me
Sniper scope: Me
Cookable grenades: Me
Modified damages: Me
New Multiplayer Menu skin: Me
Scripts: Me
Other: Me
M1 Garand skin: Miles_
Mosin Nagant,Springfield, PPSH & MP40 skins: Apocalypse (
Kar 98k skin: T.Hunter & xXezekielXx
Blood: Chris_P (Merciless Creations,
                                                * Have fun! *

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