CoD4 Community War Mod



Here's a very comprehensive new multiplayer mod for Call of Duty 4 that features all sorts of tweaks to the weapons and gameplay to give you the most balanced game possible. It'd be difficult to summarize the numerous fixes and updates, so I'm just going to direct you to the ReadMe below. Check it out, and put this on your servers today! ;)




- forced lodscalerigid at 1
- forced r_sizecull at 0
- disabled bomb during ready-up
- added Arisaka/springfield
- Added Arisaka scoped / Mosin nagant scoped
- Renamed to " Community Warmod "
- Decreased strattime to 7
- Fixed mr12 bug
- compress ff file
- Disabled throwbackgrenade
- Deleted camouflage on rifle/sniper class
- Balanced Shotguns (Same shotgun on both side)
- All sniper/rifle got the same sway
- Deleted shotgun/sniper drop
- Added possibility to Drop bomb with quickmessage menu (bind G openscriptmenu quickpromod 1)
- Added better sound for plant/defuse (COD1 sound)
- Increased bomb sound Distance
- Disabled kill during ready-up
- Added 2v2/1v1 rules with shotgun/sniper disabled ( promod_mode 1v1_10)
- Added knockout rules ( promod_mode knockout_12)
- Added Player left
- Modified the stock dvarenfocer script
- Disabled third person
- Added Last GV script
- Added kills during ready-up whitout score update :)
- Modified Player Left icon
- Allowed name change after join a server ( /name )
- Added Timeout Menu (bind G openscriptmenu quickpromod 2)
- Fixed Weapon's bug during the halftime
- Deleted TeamKill Reflect
- Removed hit detection through walls
- Fixed timeout
- Added sv_fps 30
- Disabled the Dark fog during ready-up
- Disabled weapon's during strattime
- Fixed lags when join spectator
- Fixed the spectator bug ( can't spectate after ready-up)
- Cleaned the code & deleted old files
- Fixed lags
- Fixed script error
- Fixed log's bug
- Forced sv_fps 30
- Added rifle mod (only sniper and rifle)
- Disabled suicide during strattime

- Compatibility to custom maps
- Added / fixed all gametypes
- Added indicator when bomb drop
- Added "DEVMAP" status in the modname
- Added devmap mod (promod_mode bot_10)

- Added Mods with sprint for war and pub ( promod_mode sprint or promod_mode sprintpub)
- Added quickmenu for graphics settings (no longer forced)
- Added customruleset for public and war

// WARMOD Modes
/rcon promod_mode private_10 ( or private_12 and more...)
/rcon promod_mode 2v2_10
/rcon promod_mode knockout_12
/rcon promod_mode public_10
/rcon promod_mode rifle_10 
/rcon promod_mode bot_10 
/rcon promod_mode sprint_10 (Allow sprint for wars)
/rcon promod_mode sprintpub_10 (all public rules + sprint)
/rcon promod_mode freewar_10 ( Allow custom ruleset)
/rcon promod_mode freepub_10 ( Allow custom ruleset for public)

// WARMOD Credits
- Raf1 and worm for their works
- My team mates ( kaiser, PREDTRz, DARK, Boula_haha, _emiatej)
- Spachala and the australian community
- Epsilon Gaming
- Team alfterlife
- RNG community
- England4eva
- bgoo for the website
- All cod5 players

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