CoDFiles Map Pack 1



This map pack was created by no other then Killerguilder this brings you some of CoDFiles.com files of the week maps. They are as follows: Pergamon Museum, Univermag, Road Block, Street War, Snipers Graveyard, Falaise Village Final, MOH stalingrad.



Here we have CoDFiles very first Map Pack which has been put together by KillerGuilder. The maps are the maps from the "File of the week".

To install simply open the exe file and follow the on screen instructions. The maps should by placed in the XXX:\Program Files\Call of Duty\Main

Warning - Must Read and Understand Before Use*

CoDFiles accepts no responsibility for damage to data, or physical damage to hardware, caused by the appropriate or inappropriate use of this file. It is deemed that users who run this file, automatically are considered as having read and understood this liability clause before using the said file.
Happy Fraggin' 
CoD Files Team

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