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In response to a few complaints of brightness issues and other various bugs, Colonel Cow has released v2 of his excellent COD and CODUO mini...


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In response to a few complaints of brightness issues and other various bugs, Colonel Cow has released v2 of his excellent COD and CODUO minimizer! Don't be left in the dark (or overbright light, for that matter)... download this great tool now! ;)

The response to my minimizer has been ecstatic, and I thank all who downloaded v1. Since then, I have been able to make several bug fixes and also improve the reliability of the brightness fix. It *should* now work for everyone and have no problems at all (no more waiting for the brightness to change itself; it should now instantly change the brightness).

I apologize to those who downloaded it before that there already is another version; however, to those who have already downloaded the minimizer and use it with no problems, then this is not a critical update - you can continue on with v1.

Again, thanks to all who downloaded v1, and special thanks to those who reported these bugs to me.

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Colonel Cow's COD & CODUO Minimizer
Version 2

By Colonel Cow

July 15, 2005

Thanks for downloading the COD & CODUO Minimizer. It is essential that you read this entire readme before using this software/emailing
me with questions. See section 2 for new features in this version.


-Minimize and restore all Call of Duty games (CODSP, CODMP, CODUOSP, CODUOMP), just start the minimizer and start the game
-No overbright desktop, no superdark game, the minimizer changes the resolution and brightness when you minimize/restore
-Totally customizable key combos, choose whatever keys you wish
-Randomized background scenes



-Fixed reliability of resetting brightness back in-game, it *should* now work properly for everyone
-Fixed delay when resetting brightess in-game, it should now occur immediately
-Fixed problems where there would be strange pixelation/block/etc problems after restoring (it is possible it may still happen though)
-Fixed a bug where it would still write to the registry even when it was disabled
-Fixed some in-program text typos/other errors

Thanks to all of you who downloaded v1, your feedback and excitement has been great. Also, special thanks to those reporting
these bugs to me so fast so I could make this version.


It is a four step setup process to get the COD & CODUO Minimizer ready

Step 1. If this is the first time using it, extract the cowscodcoduominimizerv2.exe file onto your hard drive
Step 2. Run the COD & CODUO Minimizer
Step 3. Customize your key settings as you wish
Step 4. Open any COD game

To minimize or quit the minimizer, use the buttons in the top right hand corner (each button's function is the same of its
similar windows counterpart)


To ensure that the minimizer works properly, it is best to follow these rules, since they make it less demanding on the minimizer
to minimize COD.

-Try to run as few background programs as possible

-It does not matter if the background scene has the COD logo or CODUO logo, it will detect any running COD game.

-If you quit the minimizer while running the game, you will hear a little system noise (a "ping") if it quit successfully.


Read this list if you are having any problems.

-Special visual effects will be disabled on certain operating systems. You will be prompted if so.

-This program writes and reads key settings to the registry. If you find that the key boxes are blank when running the program or
you get a message box stating that your key settings will not be saved, please skip to the "Disable Registry" section of this readme

-The minimizer does not differentiate between Left and Right versions of keys on your keyboard. Example, if you set your key combo
for something as "Shift + Right Shift", just pressing any shift will set off the command.

-The minimizer does not detect what order keys in a key combo are pressed, as long as they are both pressed at the same time, the
minimizer will detect it.

-It is possible that very strage visual errors will occur in-game (strange pixelation and warping of the menu) when minimizing. 
There is no definite reason for this, however it is recommended that you have fully up-to-date drivers for your graphics card. 

-If your brightness STILL does not reset itself in-game, then it is most likely a bug (or your system does not fully support
the Windows commands for brightness). Please email with the system info listed in section 7.


If you are having problems such as blank key boxes on startup, getting registry-related error messages or don't want COD & CODUO
Minimizer writing to your registry, follow these steps to stop the minimizer fro maccessing the registry.

1. Click Start, Run and type "regedit". Click ok.
2. The Registry editor will open up. Navigate to the key at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Cow's COD & CODUO Minimizer. If it exists,
delete the entire key.
3. Right-click on the program .exe and click Create Shortcut. Rename this newly-created shortcut as you wish.
4. Right-click the shortcut and click Properties. Click the Shortcut tab.
5. In the Target field, add "+noregistry 1" to the end of the target. Click Apply, then click Ok.
6. Double-click on the shortcut. You should get a message that registry reading/writing has been disabled.
7. You must now use this shortcut whenever you want to start COD & CODUO Minimizer without having it access the Registry


Colonel Cow's COD & CODUO Minimizer
Version 2

By Colonel Cow

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at the above address.

If you encounter any problems and have tried everything mentioned in this readme, email me at the above address, including a 
description of your problem and the following system information: CPU type and speed, amount of RAM, graphics card type and 
VRAM amount (i.e. the 128 MB part of a 128 MB GeForce 6800) and operating system.


This is freeware, meaning anyone is able to use this software forever for free (no cost). Redistribution is allowed, however only
if the entire software package is redistributed in the same form, unedited and unmodified, as the redistributor first received it.

Colonel Cow and the Cow logo are trademarks of Colonel Cow. Code copyright of Colonel Cow.

The author of this software does not make any claim of ownership of any other copyright/trademark found in this program. Copyrights
used by this program are used under the "fair use" provision of United States copyright law. This software is neither supported,
recommended nor endorsed by Activision. The author of this software is not liable in any way for damages caused by this program. 
There is no warrany AT ALL on this software.


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