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Here's a new CoD mod by -SpuD- that I honestly don't fully understand. I mean, I can see why some server admins would want crouch-speed only for their servers, but I can't see how this would stop cheating as the ReadMe says. In any case, you probably know better than I do if you're interested in this feature, so why not just skip over this and download the mod already? :P




      -   Crouch Only      -

-About the Mod-

This is a Mod for those people who host crouch only server or would like to...
This Mod makes the able to move speed of all weapons to crouch speed, so that you can only run with a pistol which does no damage (5 to be presise)
This will help stop cheating

There a THREE Versions of this... One for all weapons, One for Semi Automatics and Rifles and one for Rifles only.

ZZZ_CROUCHONLY_AW.pk3  -  All Weapons

ZZZ_CROUCHONLY_SA.pk3  -  Semi Automatics

ZZZ_CROUCHONLY_RO.pk3  -  Rifles Only


Place one of the above .pk3 files in your Call of Duty / Main Folder depending on what type of weapons you want

WARNING - This Mod has NOT been tested to work with other Weapon Mods but can be easily intergrated with them if you have the autors permission


This is a Mod for crouch only servers
This Mod will stop cheating and help Admins manage servers more easily
This Mod Works well if you have grenades turned off!
This is a Server Side MOD
Also ScreenShot included (but it dosent explain much)

Please do NOT redistribute this package with out the authors permission (just email me and include my name in it)
DO NOT remove the authors name from it


If you find any bugs or have Any Questions or ideas for further mods i could make, please contact me

Email: [email protected]
Xfire: spudy12

Author:*RuDe* -SpuD-

Have Fun!!!

-Version History-

Version 1
Released with no known bugs

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