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Here's a neat little interface mod for regular Call of Duty by ]-reGis-[Nemesis. It changes the colors and styles of map and gametype names as seen on the menu and also adds a new graphic for bomb planting and defusing in Search and Destroy. The mod is purely for looks and is meant solely for users wishing to get a new look out of the things they always see in-game, so check it out in the screenshots below, and download it now! ;)

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• 	Display names of stock maps
• 	Display names of gametypes
•	Bomb plant and defuse graphics for SD



Simply copy the "zzzzz_gametype_logo_maps¬by_sasch.pk3" file into your Call of Duty "Main" folder. ;-)



Just take out or delete the "zzzzz_gametype_logo_maps¬by_sasch.pk3" file in your "Main" folder =) and everything should be back the way it was.


Have fun with the mod =)

Contact Information:

• ICQ: 293-918-268
• MSN: [email protected]
• X-Fire: 9undertaker9

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