Danny's Weapons Sounds V2.

Some More sounds for your weapons made by Danny


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Some More sounds for your weapons made by Danny

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Download 'coddannysweaponssondsv2.zip' (2.09MB)

-=Danny's Weapons Sounds V2.0=-

The following Weapons were modified:

  -Colt .45 1911
  -M1 Carbine
  -Thompson SMG
  -Bren LMG
  -Sten SMG
  -Lee Enfield         
  -Luger 9mm

The following weapons were modified to give a more realistic and exiting sound.
For example, When you fire the Colt .45 or the Carbine in the game, it sounds 
like a BB gun, Not anymore. Try em all out, if you have any suggestions,
comments, wishes, whatever, please forward them to JBDanny828@hotmail.com

Enjoy and God bless!


  *Extract .pk3 file from zip folder
  *Place inside Cod/Main folder
  *Run the game and youre good to go, enjoy!

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