Darkness 337 M1 Skin UO

wow, just another good sample of the infernalz work


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wow, just another good sample of the infernalz work

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Download 'skin_m1.zip' (2.17MB)

Darkness 337 M1 Skin

Hi folks,
Thanks for downloading my M1 skin! This is version 1 and i allready can spot some faults with the M1. BTW HAVE A GREAT HALLOWEEN !
Here they are.

With a graphics card under 128mb you will suffer of the quality sadly
With a graphics card under 128mb you can suffer lagg due to the fact that this skin is high quality (i will fix that in V2)

Also the M1 side (under belly) is a different color, Yes i know because of the way that the M1 is seen on Photo Shop don't worry i will fix this problem.


Place this in you're CallofDuty uo folder.

----[Un install]----

Delete this out of you're callofduty uo folder.


To use this M1 Skin first place it in you're main cod folder or uo folder.

Use this for SP or Mp but note: MP will only work on ither Unpure Servers or if the server has the skin.     


I would like to say a really big thanks to my clan <)VB(> for sending me photo's of there real M1 weapon and for helping me test and make this. Also note that i have edited some of this from someone else's skin but i asked permission he said yes, Don't worry all that i used from his is the writing text :)

Please note that you may send this or add this skin to any other website as long as me and the person i edited it from know's :)

EMAIL: roberthartland@btopenworld.com
xfire: infernalz


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