Dominators Loading Screen



Here we have a high quality loading screen which features a soldier running infront of the "Call of Duty" text. Much better than the default, Download it now and add it to your collection :)

* Please note that the white around the picture is not the loading screen, I had to make the picture bigger to post it so i pasted the loading screen on a blank sheet *



I was just looking at all the other mods and stuff for CoD and it encouraged me to make a loading screen for CoD...actually i only edited it but i think it looks cool so download it and watch your game load.......with a new screen :-) 

easy just drag the cod.bmp file in the your call of duty folder
u may want to keep the original, so put the original one somwhere on your computer where u will remember!

my email is  guenther guy at hotmail.com
This file was made by...The Dominator

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