eLbE's Mini SoundPack

Thanks eLbE's for the cool Sounds


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Thanks eLbE's for the cool Sounds

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eLbE's Mini SoundPack

Some words and Info:

This is my first file that i have posted to CoDFiles.
This soundmod consists of three sounds for the following weapons: Luger, PPSh and Thompson. Luger and PPSh sounds are (if i remember right) from a very old soundmod for a game called Close  Combat. But unfortunately i can't remember the one who made that sound mod, so i can't credit him. :( That Thompson sound... i have no idea who made that and where i got it.  
I have edited all of these sounds a little, so that they would be suitable for CoD. These sounds work in both, Singleplayer & Multiplayer! 
This is all that i had to say, hopefully i did not forget anything! :)

Extract the .pk3 file from the .zip file to your Call Of Duty--> Main -Folder.
Just remove/delete the .pk3 file from the Main -folder.

Here's my E-Mail if you got something to ask: disasterpiece_88@jippii.fi

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