Here's a really cool new CoD gametype created by Zeus! The object is to escape (duh ;)) from an enemy element that is between you and your...


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Here's a really cool new CoD gametype created by Zeus! The object is to escape (duh ;)) from an enemy element that is between you and your way out. This new gametype is completely serverside, so connecting clients do not need to download anything to play. Also, this gametype does work with pure on. Be sure to read the Read-Me below, as it has a lot of important and/or useful information. Of course, if you don't want to sit and read it here on the website, download it! :D And, as always, leave some feedback too!

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Escape is a new gametype for Call of Duty. It's completely serverside, and works fine with pure on. It does not require any download on the clients part, so you should be able to play a game of escape on a server who has it running, and then connect to another pure server with whatever gametype without a problem.




Obviously, the goal of the game is to escape. A possible scenario for those of you who like to know what they're fighting for would be the following: a position which has just been captured days or even hours before has to be abandoned again, as the enemy is moving in in strength and reinforcements can't get there in time. Unfortunately, the enemy managed to get a forward element between the soldiers trying to escape and the point they want to escape to...


One team are the attackers, and have to try and escape by reaching the blue area on the compassas many times as possible. The other side are the defenders, and have to prevent as many escapes as possible! I'm using the Retrieval gametype retrieval area for the escape point, and the spawn points from Retrieval as well. 




The following non-standard server options can be set on or off (besides the regular number of rounds, roundlength, restricting weapons etc):


g_allowkillcam (0 = don't allow, 1 (default) = allow) - speaks for itself I hope

g_allow2primaries (0 (default) = don't allow, 1 = allow) - if set to 0, players won't be able to carry 2 primary weapons. If they pick one up from the ground or from a box, they automatically drop the primary weapon they were holding.

g_ioteamspec (0 = allow free spectator and spectating from the other team, 1 (default) = only allow spectating through your own teammates (see Known bugs below though)


I put in the shellshock effect, but only when you are hit by a grenade or rocket and lose at least 30 health (and survive).


For reasons outlined in the Scoring section, an even number of rounds should always be played; if an uneven number is set, one round will be added.


There are a number of settings which will be configurable in a next version, but aren't right now: the shellshock effect, and maybe defender or attacker respawn times. Also, I took out the setting for a max score or a max map duration; the first one doesn't work well (see the Scoring section), and the second is only really any good for gametypes with only one round, like TDM.




To simulate the abovementioned scenario where a limited number of defenders have to prevent the escape of a much larger group of soldiers, the two teams have different respawn rules.


The attackers respawn in waves, and a respawn wave is every 30 seconds counting from the start of the round. If an attacker escapes, he respawns with the next wave which means a waiting time of between 1 and 30 seconds; if he gets killed though, he will skip the next wave and respawn with the one after that, meaning a waiting time of between 31 and 60 seconds.


The defenders respawn only once, 15 seconds after they get killed.


Right now, these times are hard-coded, and may remain that way too, as the timing is very important for how the game is played. Obviously, if you can program CoD script even a little, you can play around with it a bit, but it's very easy to spoil the game with the wrong settings.


Note that the grace period only works at round start, not every time you respawn, so make sure you pick the right weapon to respawn with BEFORE you actually respawn.


If you join the game halfway through a round, you will skip the next wave and spawn with the one after that as attacker, and spawn right away but won't have a respawn as defender.




To keep the scoring system for this gametype fair (imho), it is a bit complex at first. I'd like to explain the thoughts behind it so you all understand, and hopefully agree it is indeed fair.

There is a clear difference between individual player score and team score. Individual players score a point for every enemy they kill, and lose one for any friendly (including themselves) they kill, as usual. They also get 3 points for escaping as attacker, and 1 point for not dying during a round as a defender.

The teamscore is ONLY increased when a member of the team escapes; obviously, this means only the attacking team can score, however this is OK as the role of attacker alternates between the two teams (if an uneven number of rounds is set for the game, it automatically adds one round to make it an even number, so both teams get the same number of chances to score points). So far, it should be clear as glass.

The complex part starts when the attackers killed all defenders twice. I could just let the round finish, and let the attackers escape as many times as they can in the time remaining, respawning again after each escape as usual. However, while usually this will happen during the last minute of the round, it could also happen much earlier, and it would get tedious for both teams: the defenders having to wait until the end of the round, and the attackers having to walk the same road to the escape point over and over... So instead, I opted to stop the round as soon as no defenders are left (all died twice, or can't respawn before the end of the round), and calculate the points the attackers would have scored had they been allowed to keep escaping until the time limit was reached.

All attackers alive at the moment the last defender dies (or disconnects) are assumed to be able to escape before the next spawn wave; this might be a little weird in the case of the next spawn wave only being a few seconds off, or some attackers being very far from the escape point, but that will just have to be considered a bonus for the attackers for wiping out the defenders. The living attackers get 3 points for the escape, just as if they actually reached the escape point, and the attacking team gets one point for each living attacker too.

Then, I look at the number of remaining spawn waves. All players on the attacking team who would spawn with the next wave (this means the players who were alive when the last defender died, and the players who were dead but were supposed to respawn with this wave) get 3 points, as if they escaped, and likewise the team gets a point for each of these attackers. Then, if one or more spawn waves is still remaining after this one, all players on the attacking team get 3 points for every remaining spawn wave, and the team gets one point for every player for all remaining spawn waves.

As an example, this means that with 4 attackers in total, and 2 alive right now, the 2 dead ones set to respawn the next wave, and 1.45 on the counter, and the last defender dies, the attacking team gets 2 points for the living players, and (3 spawn waves left with 4 players each =) 12 points for the remainder.

On some maps, it's actually impossible to escape within 30 seconds, even if you run flat out from the attackers' spawn point, but here also we'll write it off as a bonus to the attackers (assume they can move more quickly now that the defenders are wiped out etc).

While complex, it's not a good idea to forget about this whole system once the defenders are wiped out, as then, a team would actually be punished for wiping out the defending team more quickly than that team wiped them out!

In the testing games I played with my clan mates there seemd to be a good balance, both in the different spawn times and in the scoring system. It's interesting to kill all defenders, as your team scores big if you do that quickly, however if you put all your time in searching them all out, and you miss even one, you will have forgone a lot of possible escapes (ie points)...



I used some code taken from "the community". While I haven't asked for permission, as you cannot really copyright code (any programmer will eventually figure out how to do something, and any programmer learns not to reinvent the wheel time and again and SHOULD use other programmers' code - read more about this opinion which fortunately is shared by most programmers on IWNation on the IWNation forums), it is definitely my goal to credit anyone who made some piece of code I use.


So my thanks go out to:


The IO clan ( for the code for forcing spectators to their own team

Tiny on the IWNation forums, for finding out the particulars of the shellshock effect in MP

Many programmers on the IWNation forums (and before also the and forums) for helping me whenever I have a question (I can mention a lot of them but won't for fear of forgetting one ;-)

My BTY clanmates for helping me testing some stuff


The above obviously means I have no qualms about people using any part of this code they deem useful, although I'd like to be credited for any part I made myself (mainly the gametype itself and the code for one primary).




The team spectating thingie doesn't work flawlessly... in this gametype, it is possible for a team to have no living players, but the round is not over yet (because some at least will still respawn). In this case, the players on that team CAN spectate through the enemy's players, and fly around freely (although as soon as a teammate spawns, they get thrown to his eyes). This will be fixed in a next version so the players will just have a fixed cam on their spawn area or something like that.


If you died twice as defender, you can probably switch to the attacking side and play on, and even switch back to the defending side after that and spawn as a defender again. This is of course lame ;-), but this won't prevent many to do it anyway... This will be fixed in a next version.


Other than that I haven't encountered any bugs so far, but of course if you find some I'd love to hear about it!




E-mail me on, or post a message (no PM, I don't use that) on the IWNation modding forums. Please also contact me if you feel I should have credited you, if that's true it was not my intention to forget!


There’s no CoD stuff there, but you can visit the BTY clan site on

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