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Artful Dodger has released a 'semi-new' gametype by the name of "Espionage Agent," which is really a remake (with several modifications)...


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Artful Dodger has released a 'semi-new' gametype by the name of "Espionage Agent," which is really a remake (with several modifications) of Ravir's Assassin gametype. This one is for regular CoD -- a CoDUO version is to follow soon -- and features an emphasis on teamwork the author felt Ravir's was lacking. Some other new goodies in Espionage Agent are the new server CVars for further customization and the HUD fade-out script employed by Artful Dodger. Anyway, it's got some very cool additions to an already great gametype, so make sure you see the ReadMe for the full details on how it works, check out the screenshots below, and download this CoDMP gametype today! :thumbsup:

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Espionage Agent
by Artful Dodger


This is a remake of Ravir's 'Assassin' gametype. I didnt like the name, and some of the features, so I reworked it.

i thought that the name of the game needed changing, and the best part of the game (the team play) needed to be emphasised more.

I also thought the headicons needed redoing.

I included some extra server settings, and did a hud fade script to clean up the screen

This is the result



One player is The Group Commander 

At least one player is the Espionage Agent 

The majority of the players are Guards.

The Commander gets a point for killing an Agent, but his position is indicated on the radar by a time-delayed blip and must keep moving to avoid precise detection by the Agents. 

Agents receive a point for killing The Commander. Agents are usually outnumbered 2 to 1 by Guards, who should be trying to guard The Commander in an attempt to gain their chance to be an Agent. This promotes team work rather than merely looking to obtain points, as the object is to defend the Commander.

The more players on a server means more than one Agent. Then, a further objective of the game is for each Agent to evade the others, and get to and kill the Commander first.

Only The Commander and Agents drop health packs.

When The Commander is killed, another Guard becomes The Commander.

The Commander cannot kill himself or be killed by friendly fire.

Guards can gain no points. 

Damaged cause by friendly fire between the Guards and the Commander is split 50/50 between the shooter and damaged player.

If a Guard finds and kills an Agent, that Agent becomes a Guard, and the Guard becomes a new Agent.



Custom headicons:

Commander = Officers Cap

Guard = a Shield

Agent = a Machine Gun

Fading hud elements after game start (15 seconds - to clean up the screen)

Cvar to turn off objectives on the compass altogether

Cvar to alter the time-delay for the objective blip on compass

Cvar to determine the total number of Agents on a server



This is a server/client mod, so there must be a download. but it is very small

Copy the pk3 file to the COD 'main' folder, or create an fs_game folder and run from there.

Server cvars:

set scr_esp_timelimit "15"
set scr_esp_scorelimit "100"
set scr_esp_agent_num "5"
set scr_esp_positiontime "10"
set scr_esp_showoncompass "1"



To Ravir for the original


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