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Here's Wildturkey's newest program that helps modders for CoD and CoD2. It was specifically made for producing .arena and map .gsc files re...


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Here's Wildturkey's newest program that helps modders for CoD and CoD2. It was specifically made for producing .arena and map .gsc files relatively quickly, so if you'd like something such as this, check out the screenshots below, and download it now! ;)

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Download 'exoduscodgamingtools.zip' (58KB)

Exodus Gaming Tools (CoD) & (CoD2)


Name Change : from Nero CoD2 Tools +>> to "Exodus Gaming Tools" <<+ Copyright is pending.... 

Since i been working on making tools for the CoD and CoD 2 gaming community.

I will be working on a Set base Application so you dont have to Poof the settings is staring 

right into your face..  you will be able to do other things like Chatting(Self Intergrated Chatting Program) 

with other mappers/scripters/modders. 

Alpha 1.5~

There is a few clicks will not work, cause i am still working on that end... 

like the Options & Help.

You might get an Error if you run 64bit system.

its compatiable with 98/SE/xp/2000

What got done, what didn't get done.~

Coming Soon.



You have CoD GSC and FX_GSC Settings on the left of the program

you can make your FX settings one time before you have to click Check Work

and you have to check work before saving it to a txt file... reason i did that

because you need to check your work before errors. get in to the habit Mappers..

You may click check work button to the right to see how it would look.

I have also intergrated Cod 2 (Nero Tools) into this program.

The graphics Stink yes i know... sorry not good at art at all... though

look beyond it. its the program that suppose to make it simple for the beginners

and it could help the advance folks out there...


Help Wanted - Volunteer Only


I still need Help on my end:

a) 1 or 2 Visual Basic 6+ Programmers 
b) 1 webmaster with php/mysql knowledge... I have the Hosting and all the goodies to help that special person out
c) Art People 1 or 2 ..

hiide - > codfiles.com
kroynos - > Modsonline.com

[FC]Wildturkey on Final Call

any questions about this program please send your emails to wildturkey@nerogames.net

You can share the program with others, But you cannot tear apart, spit at it, break your computer, nor will you ever

yell at it, without the permission of the programmer that design this application.

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