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Here's the latest update to Wildturkey's Exodus CoD-CoD2 Gaming Tools for modders, and boy has it progressed! You'll find yourself navig...


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Here's the latest update to Wildturkey's Exodus CoD-CoD2 Gaming Tools for modders, and boy has it progressed! You'll find yourself navigating the program in a brand new multi-document interface with all kinds of new capabilities and file associations. You can plan your mod, keep track of it all, and work on it all in the same program! In addition, Wildturkey has added a new mini-web browser to show upcoming releases and updates for the set of tools and also a built-in CoD2 .arena file maker for mappers. :) If you plan on becoming the next star CoD2 modder or mapper, then check out the screenshots below, and download this tool now; you'll be perfectly ready when the SDK comes out! :thumbsup:

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Download 'exodus.zip' (82KB)

Exodus Gaming Tools (CoD) & (CoD2) Beta (2.0)

Last Update until after the New Years.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

What got done, what didn't get done.~


Added a New Interface for all the programs to reside into one program.
Added Mini-Web browser for upcoming releases and updates.
Added CoD2 Arena Maker.

Soon To be Added~

FTP Client for downloading and uploading your modding files and maps to the server.
IRC Server and Client for Modders and Mappers, for a Unity help system.

Soon to be Fixed~

1. Cleaning up more code
2. Clear up missing icon's
3. Program Design to make it look better.




Listen carefully or your scripts will not work right. 

when you write out your arena/map files you have save it under that program, you cannot save under
Exodus Gaming Tools Editor its under a Rich Text Format, reason for this you will get wierd charactor code
in your CFG file.

The Purpose of this editor Interface with intergrated tools is that you can
keep track by documenting your work while mapping and modding, and working on your scripts.

Tool Options is located under view, also Check Updates info.



Help Wanted - Volunteer Only


I still need Help on my end:

a) 1 or 2 Visual Basic 6+ Programmers 
b) 1 webmaster with php/mysql knowledge... I have the Hosting and all the goodies to help that special person out
c) Art People 1 or 2 ..

hiide - > codfiles.com
kroynos - > Modsonline.com

[FC]Wildturkey on Final Call

any questions about this program please send your emails to [email protected]

You can share the program with others, But you cannot tear apart, spit at it, break your computer, nor will you ever

yell at it, without the permission of the programmer that design this application.

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