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Here's another awesome set of tools from Wildturkey, which adds on to the last one! It features, as the name suggests, full-blown .efx and...


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Here's another awesome set of tools from Wildturkey, which adds on to the last one! It features, as the name suggests, full-blown .efx and .gsc file editors for map-makers. It's got loads of updates and fixes to the previous version, too many to list here, so please remember to give a good look through the ReadMe! After that, download these great tools now!

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Download 'egtmapfxgsc.zip' (275KB)


EGT Map and FX_GSC Editor (Beta - 2.0)

On January 1st 2006

is going Live!!!!!

You can keep and eye out on all the tools that is being made at first hand..

Codfiles to battlefield 2, quake4, doom3, etc.. 

if they provide alot of modding i am there to help you get the proper information
to the game... 

come on over and register and enjoy your stay.

I want to thank CoDfiles.com and Modsonline.com for allowing me to post my tools to 
CoD2 and Cod Sections... 


I have revamped the look for the EGT Map and FX_GSC Editor to make it even
easier for you.

Also from now on i will be adding a setup program, finding out with the setup 
program it will include all the Componants that i have used in the program.. 

so no more headaches on why its not working.. .

1. you can now Multiple insert the FX_GSC into the Maker Window,
you can add your own personal code in above and below the FX_GSC information

2. The GSC Maker now you can add your script to its personal window.

3. I have Added buttons to all Text Windows to make it simplfied for the quickest

4. the one major button i have added was the Map GSC/ FX_GSC Editor Buttons, when 
you hit these buttons another window will come up, this window is your editor - 
why i provided this, is for those that need to open up any text file you want
so you can add more information to it and save it there... 


1. Use the Add Efx button to multiple input the Effects, But i suggest to input them one at a time
so you can reset the numbers  for the effects, becuase now you can add them differently in the 
FX_GSC Maker by hitting the Add Efx button.

2. the MAP GSC is not made to multiple inserts to GSC Maker.

3. The Clear button pretty much tells you to clear the window if you don't like what you see.


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