Faces of War Wallpaper

This is a wallpaper with different soldier faces.


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This is a wallpaper with different soldier faces.

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Call of Duty Faces of War Wallpaper by (deathless)Mill3R
V 1.0
This is my first wallpaper I made so go easy on me. A list of thanks go at the bottom.

Download -> Double click readme (if you can be bothered) -> Select your appropriate Wallpaper -> And Your Done :)

The faces were done by me, and I reserve full rights to them. I do requests and if you want a personalized wallpaper msn me at esc1989@hotmail.com. In the near future and Axis one will be released, along with British and Russian. I am also considering a Weapon one.

Thanks to: 
Eaton (Posing for screenshots)
Killjoy (Posing for Screenshots)
CodFiles (For being great)

Copyright 2004 | (deathless)Mill3R

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